Weird West Missing Memories: How To Find The Old Diary

Weird West Missing Memories: How To Find The Old Diary
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Tarran Stockton


7th Apr 2022 15:52

The Weird West Missing Memories quest can be taken on very early in the game, and though it's mostly a standard fetch quest, it's made a bit harder by the randomisation elements of the game. Weird West has a few features dedicated to trying to make each person's playthrough unique, ranging from NPC names to entire locations. If you're struggling to track down the Old Diary in the Weird West Missing Memories quest, we've got you covered.  

Weird West Missing Memories: Starting The Quest

Weird West Missing Memories beginning
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The Missing Memories quest can be taken as soon as the town of Grackle is back up and running, which is a short time into episode one. You'll need to speak to the saloon host on the second floor of the town's saloon, just note that their name will be randomised, so you'll have to look out for their title. In short, they will ask you to find their Old Diary, which will be located in a random town that's been overtaken by monsters. The place will still be marked on the map though, so just head over there for the next step. 


Weird West Missing Memories: Finding The Diary

Weird West Missing Memories old diary
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When you get to the location, the layout will also be unique to your playthrough, however there are some similar factors we've seen across different walkthroughs of this quest. The item will always be inside one of the random houses, and not a special building like the church, saloon, or gun shop. You can sneak past the enemies who will be swarming the streets or just take them on, but you will need to try all the standard houses first. 

Once you get into the correct house, a blue icon will appear and point you to the location of the Old Diary. Head back to Grackle afterwards to speak to the saloon host again, and once you've handed over the diary you will get $100 and ten positive reputation. 

That's all for our walkthrough of the Weird West Missing Memories quest, and now you have an idea of where you can track down the Old Diary.

During the main story quest of episode one, you'll have a choice of how to proceed at Galen's Crossing, so check out Weird West Mayor Week's basement to find your choices. 


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