Weapons Worth Using Once Again In Competitive CS:GO

Weapons Worth Using Once Again In Competitive CS:GO

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Owen Turner


2nd Nov 2020 18:00

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is known for its go-to meta weapons such as the AWP, AK-47, and of course the Desert Eagle. But the game has a lot more to offer than everyone's dependable purchases. Some weapons should only be used in specific events, but they can often help win a round, resulting in an eco-boost funding your team’s economy. Some weapons are either ignored because they seem nerfed or offer underwhelming results. Most of the time it’s not the weapon but rather the player using it. An array of shotguns and pistols can bring support every now and then.  


Starting off with a good pistol round buy is the P250. Priced at three hundred dollars, the weapon is a great purchase for pistol round on T side. The high impact weapon with a smoke provides better assistance compared to the peashooter glock with armour. It has ninety-six armoured head damage so don’t forget to tap. In close-quarter situations, it’s great to spray within the upper chest area. The P250 is best for light buys and entry purchases. Compared to the Deagle it’s a lot easier to use, especially for those who can’t seem to hit their one deags.    

Another great pistol when entering a site is the Tec-9, known for its maxed out magazine, the T sided pistol is definitely not made for tapping. The Tec-9 is ideal when crouching and spraying. An acceptable push with a five-player tec-9 round is palace on mirage. With the help of multiple flashes and a smoke, players can easily take hold of A site. Once the platform is smoked, pop two flashes and proceed to flood into fire box and CT. Use the stacked boxes to jiggle peak your opponents. The Tec-9 isn’t always reliable unless you’re constantly spraying up close - just remember it’s not the USP-S.


For SMGs, the MP7 is extremely accurate. While it’s still an expensive choice, the MP7 is consistent when used in long-range areas. It’s one of the better second round buys and doesn’t require someone with perfect aim. The mini laser can beam down an entire row of unarmored opponents within seconds. This weapon on a head glitch is deadly, allowing perfect aim to beat out any player. An MP7 is great for headshots reducing the amount of crouching when in use. With a seventy-one headshot damage rate, nothing can go wrong with this SMG. A lot of people lean towards the MAC-10, whereas the MP7 is often overlooked.   

Now it’s time to discuss shotguns. They are perfect for those who dabble with sniping and usually hit their first shot. Anyone who has mastered jiggle peeking should try the MAG-7. To make things more appealing, throw on the SWAG-7 skin for fun. The compact shotgun is obviously great for close-quarter action and is very handy. On inferno, the MAG-7 can take out an entire team on banana. Simply hide behind half wall and wait for your opponents. Smart players always clear corners before entering a site, so the MAG-7 is a nice surprise. Never underestimate a good shotgun player.

Weapons To Use In Competitive CS:GO
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Since the SG 553 faced a major nerf, most people dropped this weapon and stuck to the AK-47. Due to its lower fire rate and longer reload time, the SG 553 aka the Krieg isn’t a popular choice. The Krieg’s scope alone gives the AR an advantage. It helps with tapping, grabbing information, and noticing the faults in your spray pattern. The Krieg won’t win the popular vote compared to the AK-47, even though it has a lot to offer. Using it to wide peak an opponent is perfect for entry frags. Once the bomb is planted anyone with the Krieg can set up in a sniper position and tap heads. The Krieg is perfect for both short and long-range scenarios on any map.    


What’s considered one of the most memed weapons is also one of the best. That LMG is called the Negev. After the first couple of bullets, this massive weapon can spray down any main entrance. When crouching, it toasts people all day long. The almost unlimited ammo supply contributes to those who enjoy spraying no matter what. LMGs are great for CT sided maps as a frontline defender. Just don’t forget to crouch when using it - that will make things much easier.   

Due to nerfs and seeing what pro players use, a lot of weapons just aren’t considered popular. The only way to know if a gun is good or not is by testing it out. For some, this may work, whereas others rather copy classes from their friends. For example, the Desert Eagle is a great weapon, but that doesn’t mean everyone is able to use it. Instead, opt for something more realistic that fits your play style.

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