Warzone Season 2: Release Date, Patch Notes, Map Updates, And More

Warzone Season 2: Release Date, Patch Notes, Map Updates, And More

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9th Feb 2022 14:30

After a short delay, Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Season 2 is finally here. Continuing their streak of serious content injection with new features, abilities, weapons, and areas on the map, Raven Software has once again injected some serious novelty into their live service game. Considering the sheer amount of new content, we broke down all you need to know for Warzone Season 2.

Warzone Season 2 Release Date

After a two week delay for the season, the second season on Caldera and in the Call of Duty: Vanguard era is about to launch on February 14, 2022. With it comes a slew of changes and additions, as well as a new battle pass you will be able to unlock.

You will be able to pre-load the game starting on the 10th, so get your hard drives ready. It’s likely to be a big one again.

Warzone Season 2 Patch Notes

As the time of writing, no patch notes have been revealed by Raven Software but it stands to reason that the update will introduce some weapon balance changes among bug fixes.

The Bren, as well as the MP40, had dominated the weapon’s meta for the majority of Season 1 and while both guns received slight refinements, we will probably either see the hammer come down on them or rival weapons buffed to switch the meta up a little.

With two new weapons in the KG M40 (AR) and the Whitley (LMG) hitting the servers, we could also see the heirs to the crown be introduced. It wouldn’t be the first time that Raven Software had put their new introductions on the throne, reigning over their competitors with relative ease.

Warzone Pacific Season 2 roadmap
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That’s especially true as the new weapons unlock through the battle pass. As progress is improved through buying the battle pass (and one or the other level), it’s more than just a cynical guess that the developer is incentivised to make those new weapons at the very least passable.


While not in at launch, the Ice Axe (a melee and throwing weapon) and the Armaguerra 43 (SMG) will be released at the mid-point in the season. The SMG will once again be unlocked through a challenge (think: Welgun) and could rattle the meta mid-season once more.

warzone season 2
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We also know that two new perks in “Mechanic” and “Armory” will be part of Season 2, though the exact function has yet to be announced. By the looks of things, they appear to be aimed at improving gadget use in different ways and support vehicle usage.

Speaking of, the Bomber has also entered the fray and will be another way to take to the skies above Caldera. Excelling in air-to-ground combat, perhaps fighters are about to become a lot more necessary to take these down if they turn out to be a true menace.

During the Search and Deploy event which the season is launching with, movement across the map will be further aided by the new Armored Transport and Redeploy Balloons. For the latter, Raven Software appears to have taken a page out of the book of rival battle royale APEX Legends.

While the Armored Transport is a pretty straightforward armoured vehicle, the ballon allows for long-distance repositioning. In order to shut down such powerful movement, players are able to shoot the balloons out of the sky. A small fee will redeploy the balloons and you can use them to zip line up once more. 

Furthermore, the Search and Deploy event will also introduce two abilities around Nebula V, a toxic gas which (judging by the trailer) the story of Season 2 appears to play around. For one, there will be Nebula V ammunition which won’t deal more damage but will put a lethal cloud of gas around a downed player, making the process of picking your buddy up significantly more difficult.

Also on very rare occasions, you will be able to loot a Nebula V bomb that aims to completely clear out a building complex. Have fun with that one roof squatters! 

(Un)fortunately, the immediate solution to those new features has also been provided in the Portable Decontamination Station (P.D.S.), a device that will allow you to deploy a sort of bubble in an area to ward off the toxic gas.

Decontamination Station Warzone
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This should not only help with the new Nebula V bomb and ammunition but also the zone damage. When placed, everyone will be able to see that zone on their personal map in order to not lead to too much confusion in the final stages of a match. Applications like clearing out a high ground location for a little longer and allowing your squad a positional advantage appears to be a strong tool on occasion.

Lastly, you will also be able to unlock new operators in Thomas, Anna, and Gustavo who appear to be characters from the season 2 trailer with the latter being available as an unlock in-season. 

Warzone Season 2 Map Updates

Just like in Verdansk, we get to learn more and more about Caldera and its nooks and crannies as their doors open up to us and reveal new loot spots as well as the latest story developments. With the start of season 2 being all about Nebula V, it only makes sense that we will get access to the Chemical Factory and the Research Lab. Apparently, the Chemical Factory will have several guards guarding it and we’ll have to fight our way through to get inside for a chance of fat high-quality loot. 

Warzone season 2
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Tossed all over the map, research Labs appear to be designed as juicy fox holes with only one entrance which may either make them great ways to gear your squad up early or highlander-esque showdowns in which only one team will be able to get out of. Are you really bold enough to get there off-drop?

With the short and mid-term changes already known to us, players can look forward to a new experience in Warzone Pacific Season 2.

Warzone isn't the only Call of Duty property getting an update, with the ever-popular Zombies also set to get a brand new map.


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