How to find & open all the bunkers in Warzone

How to find & open all the bunkers in Warzone
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9th Aug 2021 14:34

Need the Warzone bunker codes and locations to get into the locked areas of Verdansk? We can help. Whether you want the best loot Call of Duty Warzone has to offer or you need to hole up while the zone shrinks, the Warzone bunker locations are what you need. Some of the Warzone bunkers need specific codes to get in, while others need red access cards, but no matter which type of bunker you want to access, we've got all the info you need. Here are all of the Warzone bunker codes, locations, and everything else you're after.

Where are the bunkers in Warzone?

Warzone bunker locations map
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This map shows where you can find all 12 locked Warzone bunkers, some of which need the Warzone bunker codes, while others need red access cards... and then there's the infamous bunker 11. Marked in red are the ones with Warzone bunker codes, and we have the full list of codes below.

Here are all of the Warzone bunker codes:

0. North Junkyard: 87624851

1. South Junkyard: 97264138

2. Park: 60274513

3. Prison: 72948531

4. Farmland: 49285163

5. TV Station: 27495810

It's worth noting that at the time of writing, a few days before Warzone season 5 is due to land, both North Junkyard and Farmland bunkers are currently inaccessible.

Warzone red access card bunkers

Warzone red access card bunker
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You might find yourself at one of nine bunkers that don’t actually have a keypad - these are ones that don’t require a code at all but will need a red access card. Unfortunately, these are much more random and a pain in the butt to find because they only drop from legendary crates, and even then there's no guarantee. Once you do have your hands on a Warzone red access card though, there are five possible bunkers to use it on, all marked in blue on the map above.

6. South Hills

7. East Prison

8. Dam

9. South Military Base

10. East Quarry

Unfortunately, like the two inaccessible bunkers above that need codes, only South Hills can be reached in the current Warzone map. So if you find a Warzone red access card nut you're at the top of the map, you better hightail it down to the south coast of Verdansk pronto.

Warzone bunker 11 easter egg

The first Warzone bunker to be revealed was Bunker 11, marked in green on the map. Getting inside was a monumental task as players had to solve an Easter egg puzzle involving ringing telephones and Russian numbers, all while avoiding other players and traveling across the map. Right now, however, Warzone Bunker 11 is unfortunately closed off as the Easter egg is no longer possible. Will Bunker 11 be used for something important in the future? If it is, we'll be sure to update this and let you know.

Warzone airport bunker

Warzone Bunker Locations
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Finally, there's one more Warzone bunker that isn't marked on the map above, because it's open to everyone and doesn't require a code or keycard to get in. That's the Warzone Airport bunker. If you head out onto the runway, you’ll see that there’s a hole in the ground that leads to some sort of industrial room. Hop down there, climb the ladder on the side of the wall, and follow the doors right the way to the end. It’s there that you’ll find a whole host of legendary loot boxes and the floor peppered with weapons and loot to kit you out for the game ahead.

That's everything there is to know about the Warzone bunker codes, locations, and everything else. If the Warzone bunker codes or locations change with the launch of the upcoming season, or any update in future, we'll be sure to refresh this guide and let you know. Until then, make sure you check out all of our other Warzone guides below.

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