Warzone Best C58 Loadout And Attachments

Warzone Best C58 Loadout And Attachments
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29th Jun 2021 14:37

The Warzone best C58 loadouts hit hard, even as one of the most underrated assault rifles in the battle royale. Warzone is filled with wide open spaces, making the C58's slow-rate of fire deadly at mid-to-close-range. However, that performance is entirely dependent on picking up the right attachments for the job. So if you fancy mixing up the meta, read on for our guide on the Warzone best C58 loadouts and attachments. 

Warzone Best C58 Loadout: How To Unlock The C58

How to unlock the C58 in Warzone
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The Warzone C58 is a Black Ops Cold War weapon and while it could originally be unlocked via the battle pass at the time, those unlock requirements have since expired. If you don't already have the C58, you need to get at least one long shot kill in 15 different completed matches using an assault rifle. The use of "completed" is key there, because it means you can't leave each one after getting the long shot kill.

The easiest way to unlock the Warzone C58 is to boot up Black Ops Cold War and play some multiplayer matches, but if you don't have the standalone title from 2020, you're limited to Warzone itself. In that case, you'll want to play Plunder, rather than the standard battle royale. This way you'll be in combat much more frequently and in the case of Plunder, you can choose to spawn with an assault rifle kitted out with the attachments you need for a long shot kill. Just remember to finish each match instead of quitting!

Warzone Best C58 Loadouts

Warzone best C58 loadout
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Much like with other guns, the C58 leaves you with a lot of options, mainly around the size of your mag. Moreover, multiple scopes are feasible on it, as the effective range on the gun both lends itself to 3x and 4x scopes. With that said, here’s what the best players using the gun are currently playing.

Optic: Royal & Kross 4x / Axial Arms 3x

Barrel: 18.5’’ Task Force

Muzzle: Agency Suppressor

Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip

Ammunition: 45 Rnd Drum / STANAG 55 Rnd

This setup beams opponents at usual AR ranges and has very similar applications to the one the AMAX once occupied. Most players who apply the C58 successfully appear to be running the AR with a capable SMG such as the Cold War MP5 to cover most effective ranges you will regularly encounter on the Warzone map layout, especially when avoiding long-range sniper fights. If you are looking for a kitted out SMG, check out our Warzone best AUG loadouts. With that SMG + C58 combination, you stay agile in gunfights unlike the Warzone best MG83 loadouts otherwise would. From our experience, 45 Rounds are enough or at least two opponents, though three is possible. In quads, you may want to substitute the STANAG 55 Rnd to reliably be able to take three out while having the potential for a fourth one if you hit a streak.

Now you know the Warzone best C58 loadouts. Looking for something a little snippier? Check out our Warzone best Fennec loadouts.


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