Warzone 2 Weapon Tier List: Best Guns In Warzone 2

Warzone 2 Weapon Tier List: Best Guns In Warzone 2
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25th Jan 2023 12:33

We all want to know what the best guns to use are in Warzone 2 it's the only way to make a winning recipe; the dough of your pizza, the pasta to your carbonara, the milk to your cereal. So, it might interest you to know what guns sit at the top of the Warzone 2, weapon tier list, and also where your usual go-to gun lies to see if you need to switch. Well, without further ado, here's the ultimate Warzone 2 weapon tier list.

Warzone 2 Weapon Tier List

S Tier

Here's where your best weapons lie. The bread and butter of your Warzone 2 experience (sorry, that's the last mention of food, I'm hungry for CoD talk now). Everyone needs at least one of these in your inventory if you can manage to get your Warzone 2 loadout, even if you do have a familiar favourite in your other slot. These guns are the most accurate and hardest-hitting weapons in the game.


There's one good that should be an S+, and that's the RPK. Whether you find it as floor loot or can afford to pick up your own customised RPK from the shop or loadout drops, this gun truly shreds in Warzone 2, especially with its incredible headshot multiplayer and lack of vertical recoil.

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Running riot in the SMG game is the Fennec. With such a mad TTK time in Warzone 2, it makes sense that the fastest-firing SMG is the most impactful. The Fennec also has nice handling, little recoil, and a lot of movement speed rolled into one.

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Unlike in multiplayer, the TAQ-V is great for Warzone 2, even taking over its assault rifle compatriot. It took a while for the TAQ-V to become noticed, given its status as a battle rifle - a class that has been unanimously disregarded so far - but ever since the turn of the year, players are beginning to understand just how powerful this AR/LMG hybrid is. Of course, it does need a solid recoil-controlling loadout though.

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Kastov 762

Rounding off the S Tier is the Kastov 762, or the AK47 as we have known it in the past. Typically powerful, the 762 has one of the biggest headshot multipliers in the game, making it lethal to the right players.

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A Tier

The A-Tier guns are more than viable in Warzone 2, with the majority of these being the best in their class. Just sitting beneath the 'meta' choices, these are great choices for your gameplay and if the S-Tier guns don't fit your style or feel uncomfortable, this crop won't let you down.

Assault/Battle Rifles:


Like its cousin, the TAQ-V, the TAQ-56 is a menace in Warzone 2, and might actually be more to your liking than the S-Tier weapon on a familiarity basis, given that it's popular in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. It's a straight-shooting and powerful assault rifle that boast a good amount of movement speed, perfect for mid-range engagements with many enemies - a popular choice with aggro players.


Equally as impressive in the AR department is the M4, which is proving once again to be the Ol' Reliable of the Call of Duty universe. There's not too much to add about the M4, as it's just a fantastic go-to gun.

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Raal MG

Unlucky not to be in S-Tier, this gun is ridiculous, it just feels like you're towing around a big bertha in the process. Its huge magazine and easily controllable gun spray make it perfect for beaming squads at a long distance. If you match this with a combat knife purely for movement's sake, you might be on to a winner.

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Snipers/Marksman Rifles:

Signal 50

Unfortunately, no snipers make the S-Tier in our list, simply because none can one-shot a player with three plates on. However, the Signal 50 comes close and is highly accurate at long ranges.

SP-X 80

Again, the SP-X 80 couldn't be pushed up to S-Tier despite all of its prowess, but it remains as one of the best snipers due to its versatility and speed, which often make up for it needing to take two shots on fully-armoured players.

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Vaznev 9K 

Just underneath the Fennec in the SMG game is the Vaznev. If you need a swift and comfortable SMG that fits in your hand like a glove, the Vaznev is your best mate. It doesn't kill quite as quickly as the Fennec but some may prefer how this SMG feels, as it's slightly easier to control against quicker and unstable targets.

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Riot Shield

It pains me to put the Riot Shield in A-Tier, simply because it's the most infuriating weapon out there. Well, it's not even a weapon really, more a defence mechanism. But, there's no escaping its effectiveness in Warzone 2, given that it's as equally good on your back as when you're physically holding it.

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B Tier

In a Warzone 2 weapon tier list, the B-Tier guns are middle of the pack. Something that will serve a purpose in your arsenal if looted, but not really a weapon you should have in your own loadout.

Assault/Battle Rifles:

Chimera, Kastov 74u, Kastov 545

I'll start by saying the Kastov 74u could be higher, but as a preferential choice, it's only good as an SMG, and given that it'll take your primary guns' AR ammo, it's not desirable. The Chimera and Kastov 545 also don't have enough stability at long-range to match the likes of the RPK, so they can only be used at mid-range. They can win gunfights though, just not cross-map.


Rapp H, Sakin MG38, HCR 56, 556 Icarus

The rest of the LMG class that lie beneath the RAAL all come in B-Tier, as they're not bad to use but given their speed, they're not the best choice to run through the map with. They can cause serious damage with a good build though, so whatever floats your boat (well, whatever anchors your boat in this case).

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Snipers/Marksman Rifles:

Victus XMR, MCPR-300, LA-B 330, EBR-14

The rest of the snipers all fit into the B-Tier, as they're all solid enough choices for what they can do. The entire selection takes two bullets to the head or three to the limbs, but they're nice and accurate. The EBR can also slip into this category, as the better of the Marksman Rifles due to its DMR-like duff-duff damage.


Lachmann Sub, FSS Hurricane, Minibak

These submachine guns aren't bad choices, and if you're happy with how they feel, you shouldn't be put off using them. However, they do lack the damage that those in A-Tier and S-Tier do. Ultimately though most SMGs are preferential to how you feel with them.


X12, P890, Combat Knife

Most used in akimbo mode, the pistols can be ridiculously brutal, but only at point-blank range. The X12 does pack much more damage than in multiplayer though, meaning they can be worth the wait to level up. Also, with some of the best S-Tier weapons being LMGs or battle rifles, it can be a huge benefit to have a Combat Knife in your back pocket for scooting through Al Mazrah.

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Assault/Battle Rifles:

M16, M13B, STB 556

Three more ARs make the C-Tier, with the last option absolutely stinking out Al Mazrah. The M16 isn't great, unlike back in the good old Verdansk 1984 days. It has way too much recoil to be viable in Warzone 2. For all of the grind unlocking the M13B too, it's not the best option in Warzone 2, as it often lacks the damage to hang with the better guns. Finally, the STB 556 is too much of a hybrid between SMG and AR to find a place in the current Warzone 2 meta but does pose a threat in one's hand, especially at the later stages of games.

Snipers/Marksman Rifles:

SP-R 208, SA-B 50

Regrettably, the Marksman Rifles are just too weak to follow in the footsteps of the Kar98K. It's a nice change allowing snipers to be dominant in the scoped category, but it is a shame these guns are so weak. Three headshots at a long-range just don't cut it.

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VEL 46, PDSQ 528, BAS-P, MX9

Much like the Marksmen Rifles above, these SMGs are nice to look at but lack the punch to be a knockout in Warzone 2. They take way too many bullets to rip through armour plates and by this time a Fennec will already be in your face.


X13, Basilisk, .50 GS, RPG-7

Unlike other years, the RPG-7 isn't as effective in Warzone 2, now that players have figured out how to protect themselves with Trophies and Al Mazrah isn't known for being vehicle-heavy. As much as I'd love every player on the map to only use the Deagles and Magnums (oh what fun that would be), they're not as powerful as they could be. Maybe ones for the future.

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Assault/Battle Rifles:

Lachmann-556, Lachmann 762, FTAC Recon, SO-14

Apart from the aforementioned S-Tier TAQ-V, the battle rifle class is rubbish, and they all plummet to the bottom of the Warzone 2 weapon tier list. As about as powerful as pea shooters, their fire rate doesn't hold up to what you would need to make this power eliminate players. The Lachmann-556 is the worst of the ARs too, given that its horizontal recoil is so bad you'll be better off spinning around blindfolded and spraying.


Bryson 800, Lockwood 300, Expedite 12, Bryson 890

Although I'm sure at some point that Shotguns will be strong, in the current Warzone 2 tier list they all sit at rock bottom. None of them deals enough damage to be good, even at close quarters, and shouldn't even be picked up as ground loot, it'd be more beneficial to melee.

Snipers/Marksman Rifles:

TAQ-M, Lockwood MK2, LM-S

I personally feel sorry for the fallen soldier that is the MK2, but it has to fall into the bottom category, as alongside the TAQ-M and LM-S, you'd be more effective throwing rocks.


JOKR, PILA, Strela-P

What a JOKR of a class, they're all a PILA s***. Puns aside, the launchers are where they deserve to be, and unless you're specifically grinding the camos, these should be purged from your loadouts. Get rid.

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There we have it, all 51 guns ranked in a Warzone 2 weapon tier list. The meta may shift in the coming weeks, but for now, you might want to look towards the S-Tier and A-Tier choices next time you design a loadout.

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