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Recommended content based on your favourite games, teams, streaming stars and esports players

Exclusive articles, features, interviews and guides by our
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Recommended content based on your favourite games, teams, streaming stars and esports players

Exclusive articles, features, interviews and guides by our
award-nominated editorial team

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VALORANT Tier List: Best Characters In Episode 4 Act 3

VALORANT Tier List: Best Characters In Episode 4 Act 3
Images via TierMaker | Riot

Written by 

Eoin Black


9th May 2022 16:29

The meta has changed dramatically in recent acts, so a VALORANT tier list is exactly what you need to discover the best characters in Episode 4 Act 3. It's important to remember that VALORANT is an ever-evolving game. The state of the agents never stays the same, so if you're reading this in a later episode, or even a later act, don't be surprised if things look a bit different. Which is why a VALORANT tier list is helpful.

That being said, we're going to run you through the best agents in VALORANT right now. If you disagree with any agent, that's fine. Ultimately, the idea of the 'best agents in VALORANT' is subjective. You might be an Immortal Phoenix main, and that's great - doesn't mean that Phoenix is an S-tier agent, though. 

We've separated the VALORANT agents tiers list into the following tiers:

  • S-tier.
  • A-tier. 
  • B-tier. 
  • C-tier. 
  • F-tier. 

Anyone B-tier and above can be considered reasonably powerful, while C-tier agents are either weak or have very niche use cases. F-tier is only occupied by one agent, and we're sure you know just who that is.

Anyway, here's our VALORANT tier list for the best characters in Episode 4, Act 3.

VALORANT Tier List: Best Characters In Episode 4 Act 3



valorant jett
Images via Riot Games

Jett has always been, and likely will always be, at the top of VALORANT's meta. Despite Riot's attempts to nerf her, Jett is just too good at what she does, which is being a perfect entry dualist. 

Despite what most people think, the role of an entry dualist isn't to get the entry kill, it's to get their team into a site. Dualist's kits are designed to make getting the first blood as easy as possible, but it's not their primary job. If an entry dualist like Jett enters into a site every round, dies, and gets traded, then she has done her job. 

What makes Jett so effective at this compared to a dualist like Reyna is the movement-orientated nature of her abilities. She can smoke a position in the middle of a site, immediately dash into, as well as upwards if needs be. This takes space and distracts enemies, making it the perfect way to execute a site take.


valorant agents tier list - sova
Images via Riot Games

Jett is in S-tier because of her ability to initiate a site attack. Before any team gets to that point, though, they need information. This is the reason you see pro teams always defaulting (covering all lanes of a map on attack). Not only does this prevent the defence from taking free space, but it lets the attackers feel out what setup the defence is using, including what agents are on what site, and it allows them to bait out utility. 

Sova naturally plays into that. Both his dart and drone are capable of clearing out parts of the map with little to no risk. With both, you either see the enemy, or they shoot your equipment. Either way, you still gain the intel you need. His kit gives you free insight into the enemy team’s setup, and that’s the reason you see him being played by almost every single team, on every single map.


valorant agents tier list - chamber
Images via Riot Games

Unlike Sova and Jett, Chamber isn’t picked because of his capability to assist an execute. Instead, he’s simply the greatest defensive agent in the entire game. He’s a Sentinel that plays like a Duelist, so much so that many pro Dualist mains actually use Chamber on certain maps. 

Chamber’s main place on a team is that of an Operator user (Op’er). Both his ultimate (ult) and his teleports help him perform in that role. Due to his teleportation abilities, Chamber is capable of getting away with aggressive peaks with little to no consequence. He essentially gets a free shot at any given angle or lane, something that’s particularly powerful for aggressive defence setups and only matched by Jett’s peaking abilities. 

His ultimate is literally just a better Operator that’s free. This, combined with his pistol which is really just a pocket Guardian, makes Chamber a menace on eco rounds. Plus, his trip mines cover the Sentinel staple of covering the flanks.



valorant agents tier list - viper
Images via Riot Games

A-tier is home to almost all of the controller agents in the game. It’s a lot harder to gauge how impactful a controller is to a game compared to someone like Jett or Sova, partially because it’s the controller player that allows those Initiators and Duelists to do their jobs effectively. It’s a controller’s job to make other people look good, sort of. 

Despite nerfs, Viper remains at the top of the controller meta for a lot of people. The only reason she, and the other controllers, don’t make it to S-tier is because each of them is interchangeable depending on the map being played. Viper, for example, is a must-pick on maps like Icebox and Breeze as her wall lets her cut large, open bombsites in half. On smaller maps, like Ascent, it’s much more impactful to use a dome smoker like Brimstone. 

As well as her wall, she has molotovs that have some of the best lineup potential in the game, making her a fantastic post-plant agent. Her smoke, while not incredibly strong, is a monster when combined with her molotovs. On top of all that, her ultimate is perhaps the best in the entire game and can completely lock down a site or lane on both defence, and post-plant offence, essentially guaranteeing her a free round win if she uses it correctly.


valorant agents tier list - omen
Images via Riot Games

Omen fell to the wayside for a long while when Astra was king of the controller hill. Thankfully, that isn’t the case anymore. The shift in the controller meta, and the nerfs/buffs that came with that put Omen back on top. Omen's smokes are almost universal, making him much more versatile than Viper or Brimstone, and unlike those two he regenerates his smokes throughout a round. 

His Nearsight flashbang (flash) is particularly strong on certain maps and site executes due to its long range and the fact that you can’t turn away from it like you can with a KAY/O flash. For example, it’s capable of covering the entirety of A-site on Split, something that no other agent can do with a single ability. 

His teleport makes him capable of tricky plays that can catch people off guard and lets Omen play a little bit more aggressive than he otherwise would, but it’s more situational compared to the usefulness of his other abilities. 

Lastly, his ultimate isn’t too much to write home about. While it’s great for information gathering and can result in some seriously flashy plays and clutches, it’s not nearly as strong as the rest of his kit. However, the fact that his ult is weak and he’s still picked across all maps and team compositions speaks to just how strong his smokes are.


valorant agents tier list - brimstone
Images via Riot Games

Brimstone is the agent that gained the most from the Astra nerfs. He received some generous buffs that, for a time, would have put him at the top of S-tier. He’s since been rolled back a little bit but remains one of the strongest controllers in the game. 

First, we've got his Stim Beacons. He only has one of them now, but when he had two, they completely changed the speed at which the game was played. The beacons give anyone standing in them a 15% increase to both movement speed and fire rate. Having two of these on offence essentially turned every round into a blitzkrieg attack that was too fast and strong to be effectively countered. Now that he has one charge for his beacon, we don’t see that as much, but it’s still an incredible piece of kit. 

Brimstone’s smokes are the real reason he gets picked, though. While he only has three charges on his dome smokes, and they have limited range, they are still the strongest smokes in the game. Each one lasts for 20 seconds, allowing Brim to keep a lane completely smoked off for a full minute. Not only are these smokes great on offence, but they’re possibly the most powerful defensive smokes in the game. Not only because of their retake potential but because they can prevent the enemy team from pushing certain areas for an entire round unless they risk pushing through the smoke. It’s very hard to wait for a Brim to run out of smokes.

His molly is also very strong. While he only gets one of them, it’s the longest-lasting molotov in the game and, like Viper’s, also has lineups. Combine those mollys with his ult, and Brim becomes a serious threat in any post-plant position.


valorant agents tier list - kayo
Images via Riot Games

KAY/O is the best traditional Initiator in the game. Sova may be an Initiator by name, but his kit is more for determining where to execute rather than assisting the execution itself. 

KAY/O, on the other hand, is all about making that initial push into the site as easy as possible, with a sprinkle of intel-gathering mixed in. His flashbangs are the most traditional, and by extension arguably the best, in the entire game. They’re like flashes in other tactical shooters, as in you pull one out, throw it long or close, and it will explode after a certain amount of time. Anyone looking at the flash will be flashed regardless of how far away they are. 

This makes KAY/O the best pop-flasher in the game. Unlike someone like Skye, who starts to pull her gun back out after her flash has gone off, KAY/O runs that animation while his flash is still mid-air, meaning he can peak immediately off of it. That’s not to say he has to use his flashes for himself, though. He’s more than capable of flashing his team into a site. 

His knife is complementary to his flashbang and arguably the main reason he sees any sort of play at all. The ability to completely lock out your opponent’s abilities, plus the information the knife gives you makes it one of the most valuable single pieces of kit in the entire game. In VALORANT, having KAY/O abilities on your team can often be the difference between a win and a loss, provided your KAY/O knows how to play him.


valorant agent tier list - sage
Images via Riot Games

Sage is arguably the most fundamentally solid agent in the entirety of VALORANT. She isn’t a game-changer like a talented Chamber player would be, but it’s very easy for players of any level to get at least some value out of her ability kit. 

Her wall is one of the most individually valuable pieces of utility any agent has. It’s capable of cutting off entire lanes of a map for a decent portion of a round, either forcing the enemy team to destroy it and engage or ignore that lane completely. Either way, the wall gets inherent value and that’s even touching on the offensive and post-plant plays Sage players can get away with by using it unorthodoxly. 

Her slow orbs are similar in that they are very easy to get value from. If an enemy team is pushing something, you throw an orb down. You don’t even need to have players peak off of the orb, the slow effect alone is enough to dissuade a lot of players from continuing with a pushing, meaning they won’t be able to capitalize on any utility they invested for that push. 

Her heal is pretty self-explanatory in how powerful it can be, although it can incentivize a more passive playstyle. The same can be said for her ultimate, being able to revive a teammate is a round winning skill, but it encourages a Sage player to not engage and play their life in any given situation. Despite that, the overall quality and strength of her kit is more than enough to justify putting her in at least A-tier.



valorant agent tier list - raze
Images via Riot Games

Raze’s strength comes from a slightly similar place that Jett’s does. Primarily, her use as a Duelist comes from her Blast Packs. The lack of smoke grenades hurts Raze’s ability to enter sites, but she makes up for that with the erratic and fast-paced nature of those packs. On certain maps, like Fracture, the height and speed of a Raze entry is actually preferable to Jett because of the geometry of the map. 

Aside from her blast packs, she’s the only agent with a standard type of frag grenade, granted one that comes with additional cluster bombs. This grenade is incredibly strong when timed correctly with a choke point. Combine that with her bomb bot, and you have a Duelist capable of entering, fragging, and gathering a fair amount of intel to assist her team with clearing areas of the map. 

When you throw her ultimate on top of that which is essentially a free kill whenever you use it, you have the makeup of a high-potential aggressive agent. You’ve likely seen the TikTok clips of Raze blast packing into the attackers at the start of a defensive round with her ultimate. As flashy as these clips look, it’s actually not a bad strategy for a Raze main to adopt. This makes Raze something of a multitasker, hence why she’s up here in A-tier.


valorant agent tier list - fade
Images via Riot Games

The VALORANT bounty hunter Fade is a newer addition to the roster, but what an addition she is. It's rare to see a set of abilities come together quite as well as Fade's kit does. Her Terror Trail mechanic makes her Prowlers incredibly powerful, rivalling the strength of Skye's ultimate ability despite only being a basic ability. Her other basic ability, Seize, is also ludicrously strong. If you get caught in the Seize, you're probably dead. 

Her Haunt signature ability is possibly the strongest ability in the entire game right now. It's a Sova dart on steroids that not only reveals enemies but allows her Prowlers to automatically track them. 

That's not even mentioning her ultimate which has crazy range. It's very easy to deafen an entire bombsite with it. 

It's still early days for Fade, but she's easily an A-tier agent. Don't be surprised to see her in the S-tier in the future, though, because it's very possible that she may end up taking Sova's spot in the meta.



valorant agent tier list - skye
Images via Riot Games

Skye is sort of going the way of Phoenix. In the past, she should have been all the way at the top of A-tier, but as more agents are buffed and introduced, Skye loses value. 

The introduction of Fade has taken Skye’s place as a secondary info-gatherer to Sova. While her dog is still incredibly useful, Fade’s Haunt is simply superior in every way. Not to mention that Fade’s prowler is a slightly weaker version of Skye’s ult, except it’s a regular ability. Skye’s heal is also outclassed by Sage, and you’re rarely going to be in a situation where you need to heal multiple teammates in close proximity. 

So, all Sky has left is her flashes, but even those are outclassed by KAY/O. It’s much harder for Skye to peak off of her flashes compared to other flashbang agents, meaning they’re used almost exclusively for teammates, or to gather intel. The ability for Skye to drive her flashbangs long distances, and be aware if they hit anyone is still powerful enough for her to make B-tier, but the rest of her kit is simply outdated.


valorant agent tier list - astra
Images via Riot Games

Astra used to be the king of the meta. To the relief of a whole lot of players, that isn’t the case anymore. While the nerfs she went through were nuanced, they were enough to knock her down below each of the other Controllers in the game. 

However, she isn’t entirely useless. She doesn’t have the same kind of global usability as she used to, but on maps with close choke points like Bind, she still sees a little bit of play. Granted, that play is more in a Sentinel role than a Controller one. 

Astra’s Gravity Well is still a top-tier ability, and her Nova Pulse still puts in her work. Her smokes aren’t what they once were, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her uses, hence our decision to keep her in B-tier.


valorant agent tier list - killjoy
Images via Riot Games

Killjoy is an incredibly niche agent. In past acts, she may have found herself in the B, and maybe even the A-tier. However, as it stands, she’s hovering somewhere around the bottom of B-tier with an argument to be made for her being a C-tier agent. 

While her kit is incredible on defence, with her turret and Alarm Bot enabling her to hold down a site all by herself, it’s incredibly lacklustre on offence. The fact that she needs to remain nearby her bots for them to be active prevents her from watching flank effectively, and they are useless on-site executes. So, her kit is essentially only useful in post-plant offensive scenarios. 

However, her ultimate used to more than make up for that on offence. Lockdown used to be capable of single-handedly carrying a site execute due to its ability to push enemies entirely off of a bomb site. In recent acts, though, people have discovered a myriad of counters to Lockdown that makes it virtually useless on the maps it used to be considered a staple. 

Sova’s ultimate, and even KAY/O’s grenade are capable of destroying Killjoy’s Lockdown with the latter even having lineups for common Lockdown setups. Even on Ascent, which is the map Killjoy is still played on, her most powerful Lockdown position in B-main can be shot through the wall. However, the power of her molotovs and the close-quarters nature of Ascent means that she is still an S-tier agent on that map, but that map alone. On every other map in the current META, you would be better served with a different defensive agent.


valorant agent tier list - breach
Images via Riot Games

Breach is starting to see more and more play as teams and players begin to unlock his strategic potential. He used to be an agent reserved strictly for Fracture, but we’ve recently seen pro teams pick him on Haven. This is a trend that will likely continue, so don’t be surprised to see Breach in the A-tier sometime in the future. 

For now, though, he sits comfortably in B. His kit being so map-dependent is what makes Breach both strong and weak. All of his abilities are incredibly powerful, with his flashbangs being arguably the most annoying to deal with in the entire game. However, due to the nature of his stun, ultimate, and Aftershock, there are very few, specific areas in which he can really get value out of his kit.

Breach needs long, narrow lanes to truly be impactful on a map. In Fracture’s case, that’s somewhere like B-main. In Haven’s case, that’s C-main. He’s niche, but when a setup is designed around him, he can single-handedly enable a team to win an entire game. It’s not uncommon to see a Breach responsible for a game win at the bottom of the scoreboard, which is why we've put him in B-tier for our VALORANT agent tier list as of Episode 4, Act 3.



valorant agents tier list - cypher
Images via Riot Games

Kicking off C-tier, we have Cypher. Cypher used to be a pretty regularly picked agent in both the pro scene and ranked play. However, he’s fallen into complete obscurity over the series of patches. 

Cypher’s decline isn’t exactly the result of nerfs or buffs, rather that time has simply worn away at how useful he is. His camera, which was his entire gimmick, isn’t really all that good anymore. All of the useful Cypher camera spots are known, making it incredibly hard to get value out of it. 

His cages are pretty weak, although useful in niche situations since you can see down into them. However, it’s hard to think of any situations in which one would prefer a Cyber Cage over a traditional smoke. 

Cypher’s trips are the only really useful pieces of kit that he has. However, they’re not strong enough to completely carry Cypher, especially when Chamber’s trip does more or less the same thing. He's still fun to play, but he doesn't have nearly as much impact as he used to.


valorant agents tier list - neon
Images via Riot Games

Optic’s VALORANT team has been on fire recently and they’ve been making Neon work, so perhaps it’s a bit unfair to place her in C-tier. Victor was playing Neon on Fracture, Haven, and Split during Masters Reykjavik to great success. Just because one of the best players in the world makes Neon work doesn’t mean you can, though. 

Her kit simply requires too much game sense, teamwork, and map awareness for a regular player to make it work. Her sprint and slide can be used to beat out timings and rotations, but 99% of you aren’t going to know those timings, so you won’t be able to take advantage of Neon’s speed. 

Neon’s wall and her concussion are both really good but again require a very talented player to use. In the right hands, Neon is easily an A-tier agent. In most people’s hands, though, she’s a solid C.


valorant agent tier list - reyna
Images via Riot Games

Putting Reyna in C-tier might be a bit controversial, and rightfully so. You see her all the time in VALORANT ranked play, and literally never in pro matches. Against a full five-man team that knows what they're doing, a Reyna is going to be useless. She's easy to counter and requires her team to babysit her to extract any value from her. However, against a poorly-coordinated team, like in ranked play, she can single-handedly carry a team to victory. 

Her flashbangs are okay, but they're far from the reason Reyna gets picked in ranked. No, it's her ability to Dismiss, and more importantly, heal after every kill that makes her so powerful. She's the perfect agent for a good solo-queue player that's struggling to rank up. If you find yourself losing games because of your teammates, Reyna will help mitigate that struggle. Being able to take more gunfights at full health means you'll be outgunning more players, letting you win more games and rank up faster. 

This only works for so long, though. Eventually, you'll start playing against competent teams in high Diamond/Immortal lobbies that will simply outplay a Reyna every time. There's a ceiling on her usefulness, hence why she's in C.


valorant agent tier list - yoru
Images via Riot Games

Some people might not agree with Yoru being in C-tier, especially after his rework that launched alongside the VALORANT Episode 4 Act 2 battle pass, but the numbers don't lie. Only a handful of players are using Yoru in ranked play, and nobody is using him in the pro scene. 

While he's certainly better than he was, that really isn't saying much. He's usable, sure, but unless you've invested the time to become a Yoru main, there's no reason to pick him over other Duelists. His teleport is tricky and can catch people off guard, but anyone Platnium or above will know how to play around that. Same with his clone, it's just too gimmicky to get real value out of it. 

His flashbangs however are great, and so is his ultimate. However, having a strong ult and flash doesn't make up for a kit which is essentially just a bunch of circus tricks. There are a handful of Radiant and Immortal Yoru mains out there that make him work like magic, but 99.9% of players simply won't be able to extract that same level of value with his abilities.



valorant agent tier list - phoenix
Images via Riot Games

Last, and definitely least, we have Phoenix. Phoenix has been beaten to death and back at this point, but all of the criticism really does ring true. He's arguably the only 'bad' agent in the entire game. He's the only Duelist without an ability that lets him entry into a site, even Reyna has Dismiss for that function. His flashbangs are the worse in the game, his molly is terrible, and his wall is outclassed by both Neon's and Sage's. 

Hell, even his ability to self-heal is so pitiful that it barely deserves a mention. The only positive thing about Phoenix's kit is his ultimate, which is genuinely good. Aside from that, there's not a single reason you would pick him over any other agent in the game. Hence his place as the only agent in F-tier.


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