How To Surrender In Valorant

How To Surrender In Valorant
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18th Aug 2021 16:54

Knowing how to surrender in VALORANT is important when it’s 11-1 after the first half on Icebox, you’ve force-bought every single round, your team is screaming at each other with zealous fervour, the only constructive teammate has been afk for five rounds, and your headache is growing. That’s just how it is sometimes, in what feels like about half of your solo queue VALORANT ranked games. In order to keep your sanity without risking a dreaded VALORANT leaver penalty, you want to end the game before you start destroying peripherals, so you need to find out how to surrender in VALORANT. Sit down over there, put your feet up, sip your afternoon tea, we’ll be right there with a foot massage and a quick and easy instruction on how to do just that.

How To Surrender In VALORANT: Commands

Bad news first, surrendering in VALORANT is a democratic decision and as Winston Churchill aptly actually never pointed out, the best argument against that democracy is a “conversation” with your average solo queue teammate. In order to get the game to surrender, four out of your five teammates have to agree with the vote, which can be a challenge because some folks like screaming more than getting on with their lives and go next.

How To Surrender In VALORANT
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To initiate a surrender vote which you can only do once per half and only after the fifth round, hit escape and click surrender or type in one of the following commands into the chatbox:


In the bottom corner of your screen you will be able to see how the vote is going. As soon as two of your teammates have voted against it, the vote will cancel as a 4-1 in favour of the vote is no longer possible.

Players initiating the vote will automatically be counted as a “yes”. If you are one of the other players, the game will ask you to either hit F5 for yes or F6 for no. These are fortunately hard keys to fat finger by accident while in the heat of gameplay but because you aren’t frequently hitting those keys, it might be worth looking at your keyboard in order to make sure you are hitting the desired one. There's nothing worse than wanting to continue the game, but you accidentally hit the one to surrender and you forego any hope of a comeback.

How To Surrender In VALORANT: Penalties and other considerations

The decision on whether or not surrendering is a good idea depends on how likely you think you will be able to bring the game back and at least close out with a couple of rounds won, while also weighing it against your own sanity. While Riot has never clearly clarified what surrendering does to your MMR and your rank, it stands to reason that it will count as if all other remaining rounds had been lost without you scoring any sort of kills, dragging your MMR down further than you otherwise would as you can usually squeeze some performance-based points even out of the worst losses. However, don’t underestimate the value of saving time and getting onto the next game, which could mean you spend more time winning, which might just make surrendering a sweat deal.

The last resort if you simply can’t stand the game anymore is to leave the match, though you should be aware that a scaling leaver penalty might make for an annoying experience. It eventually locks you out of queueing for another match with increasing durations the more you do it, eventually even leading to an account suspension. The other option is to simply walk away from your PC, known as going AFK (away from keyboard), which in our opinion isn’t just poor taste in most cases but also will be noticed by the system giving you penalties in the form of harsher point loss and potential queue related disadvantages. Keep in mind that the absolute minimum for leaving a match is to be locked out of playing for the duration that the match is still ongoing for. 

So that’s how to surrender in VALORANT. Proceed with great caution as the penalties aren’t inconsiderable but sometimes can feel like the only reasonable option.

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