VALORANT Update 6.05 patch notes: Release date, Agent updates, bug fixes & more

VALORANT Update 6.05 patch notes: Release date, Agent updates, bug fixes & more
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Tarran Stockton


14th Mar 2023 13:00

VALORANT patch 6.05 is around the corner, giving players the first update since Episode 6 Act 2 began and Gekko was introduced to the game as the latest agent. 

VALORANT has only grown and grown since its release in mid-2020, and part of that comes with Riot's consistent patching schedule, which sees the game receive an update every one or two weeks. These sometimes come in the form of new episodes or acts, but between then they contain much-needed balance changes and bug fixes.

So, check out all the latest changes coming in VALORANT patch 6.05 with our coverage of the patch notes and the release date.

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VALORANT Patch 6.05 release date

VALORANT patch 6.05 is set to release on March 14, 2023. This is a week after the previous patch, which went live on March 8 and introduced the latest episode, along with the new agent called Gekko. 

The patch will go live at different times depending on your timezone, and the game servers will be taken down for a few hours of maintenance to make sure everything works smoothly. 

VALORANT Patch 6.05 patch notes

Agent Updates


  • Wingman’s (Q) Plant and Defuse targeting has been improved in order to target higher locations.
  • Audio Improvements
    • Added audio variations for Mosh Pit’s (C) explosions
    • Audio improvements for Dizzy’s (E) plasma blasts, which will help you easily identify if it’s flying towards you or towards an ally while in the air
  • VFX Improvements
    • Added VFX to when Gekko is reclaiming an orb, as well as when the globule reclaim is complete
    • Improved visuals for enemy creature globules
    • Improved performance in Agent Select

Performance Updates

  • Added “CPU Wait GPU Time” metric to performance settings in order to help players track when their machines are Render Thread bound




  • Fixed a bug where Wingman wasn’t taking melee damage 
  • Fixed a bug where ally Gekko orbs were showing up as white outside of custom Replication.
  • Fixed multiple animation issues across all abilities. 
  • Fixed UI on Gekko’s ultimate staying on screen if the round ended while you’re possessing Thrash.
  • Fixed a bug where Wingman wasn’t able to defuse the Spike after using Swap Team command in a Custom game.
  • Fixed a bug where Wingman Spike plant casting allowed him to run too far of a distance if cast in midair.
  • Fixed a bug where damage from Mosh Pit was avoidable while crouch jumping in the pit.
  • Fixed bug where Wingman’s torso wouldn’t trigger Cypher’s Trapwire (C).
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong animation played while casting Wingman.
  • Fixed a bug where Gekko wasn’t able to plant in Spike Rush if Wingman was stopped from planting.
  • Fixed display name of “Mosh Pit” showing up as “Mosh’s Pit”.

Gameplay Systems

  • Fixed a crosshair issue where the Import button is grayed out if the you have 10 or more saved crosshair profiles
    • The maximum number of profiles is still 15.
  • Fixed a bug with damage-over-time area abilities where players could crouch jump to avoid damage. 


  • Used Memory performance metric now updates when Total Memory performance metric is disabled. 


  • Fixed a bug where in cases of bad platform disconnection, players would appear more than once in the friends list.
  • Fixed a bug where voice tooltips were sometimes incorrectly rendered when turning Party/Team voice chat on and off.
  • Fixed a bug where the invite menu would sometimes flicker.
  • Fixed a bug where unfriending an online player wouldn’t update the count of online friends.
  • Fixed a bug where when a player enables Auto-Reject friend requests, any pending friend requests would still appear. Pending friend requests will now be auto-rejected when this setting is enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where the system notification confirming a sent friend request would sometimes show whitespace.
  • Fixed a bug to add a message notifying players that they will also be banned from playing competitive queue if they currently have a comms ban.

That's all for our rundown of the VALORANT patch 6.05 patch notes and release date, and now you know all the changes coming in the next patch, along with when they'll go live.

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