VALORANT Error Code Van 40: How To Fix

VALORANT Error Code Van 40: How To Fix
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Tarran Stockton


12th Jan 2023 10:20

The VALORANT error code VAN 40 has just been introduced during the latest 6.0 patch for some players, and it's stopping them from being able to play the game. VALORANT's latest update is finally here, kicking off 2023 with Episode 6 Act I, which features a new map, battle pass, skin bundle, and some changes to returning maps. With all this new content also comes a brand-new bug, so if you need to know how to fix the VALORANT error code VAN 40, we've got you covered.

VALORANT Error Code Van 40: How To Fix

VALORANT Error Code Van 40: How To Fix
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VALORANT error code VAN 40 isn't one of the existing error codes in the game, and it seems to have been introduced as part of the 6.0 patch that released on January 11, meaning this isn't a bug where we have the advantage of previous fixes to remedy it.

The VAN 40 error code is specifically related to connection, and is stopping players from loading onto the game. It also seems to be affecting users who still run on Windows 7, meaning it's likely an oversight from the developers, due to most people moving onto Windows 10.

Riot Games have been made aware of the problem and working on a fix to roll out as soon as possible, but you may want to know how you can sort it out in the meantime. Sadly, there are no documented fixes yet, but you can try restarting your game to see if it persists.

Our recommendation is that you upgrade your operating system to Windows 10 if you are still on Windows 7, which can be done for free. This is also a good idea in general, as more and more software is being made exclusively to run on Windows 10.

That's all for our explainer of the VALORANT error code VAN 40, and now you know what it is and the only way to currently fix it.

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