The Best VALORANT 5v5 Team Loadout

The Best VALORANT 5v5 Team Loadout

Written by 

Joey Carr


19th Aug 2020 17:05

At its core, VALORANT is a multiplayer shooter that’s focused on team chemistry above all else. Sure, game sense and talent can take you far, but if you don’t have the right squad behind you, the path to success is narrow and difficult. As the old saying goes, “No one gets there alone”. That said, if you’re playing either Unrated or Rated VALORANT, picking the right Agents on your team is vital to your success. This is made easier if you’re playing with a full squad of five. That way, you can communicate and figure out which Agents to use. However, if you’re struggling to find the best lineup of characters to use, look no further than our VALORANT best 5v5 team loadout guide. 

Picking the VALORANT best Agents 

At the moment, there’s a general consensus on the five best Agents to use on any team in VALORANT. This mainly stems from the competitive esports scene, as the players and coaches involved usually have more in-depth knowledge than the community as a whole. So for this lineup, we’ll be taking the current consensus among the professional community. As such, there will be no Killjoy included since she’s been banned in esports by Riot Games until the developers are sure she’s not too overpowered (she might be). Below, you can see both TSM and Sentinels use the exact same lineup of Agents that we’re about to list.

#5 - Sova 

The first spot on your team should go to Sova. One of the best entry Agents in the game, Sova does require a ton of experience to use efficiently. His Recon Bolt especially takes knowledge as you need to know where to fire the bolt to gain the most intel. Alongside the Recon Bolt, we have the Owl Drone, which is fantastic for gaining quick information at the start of any attacking round. Simply call out the drone, and any enemy within sight is sure to shoot it down, giving you and your team some valuable intel. 

There’s not really another Agent like Sova in VALORANT. His abilities are all useful, including the devastating Ultimate, and is an integral part of any team’s composition. Sova definitely belongs in the VALORANT best 5v5 team loadout guide. 

#4 - Phoenix

The first duelist on this list, Phoenix is one of those Agents that you can’t live with and can’t live without. His abilities are superb but only in the right hands. All three of his non-Ultimate abilities can harm teammates, so it takes a smart Phoenix for the team to succeed. There’s nothing worse than peeking around a corner, and your Phoenix comes behind only to throw a Curveball and flash you. 

Like with Sova, the person running Phoenix needs to be experienced and understand his abilities to the fullest. If you happen to have a teammate like that, it will make things much easier on the battlefield. You can see the full effect of what Phoenix can do in this recent clip from TSM’s Subroza

#3- Jett

Now for the second duelist. Jett is a niche Agent since she doesn’t truly possess any abilities to help the team. Yes, Cloudburst can be an effective smoke tool, but it doesn’t last that long. As for her other abilities, Updraft and Tailwind both can only be used for Jett herself. That said, the teammate who runs Jett must be able to hold their own in any gunfight. Since they’re not providing much else in the way of utility, they need to provide on the scoreboard instead. 

#2 - Brimstone 

The smoke daddy himself, Brimstone is far and away the best Agent at delivering clouds of smoke. Nearly every round of competitive VALORANT features a few of the smokes since they last for such a long time and can be placed with pinpoint accuracy. If that wasn’t enough by itself, Brimstone possesses a useful grenade launcher to move enemies out of corners and the Stim Beacon that gives teammates some added gameplay bonuses. 

However, it’s Brimstone’s Ultimate that sets him apart from other Agents. Orbital Strike is a devastating ability that can singlehandedly win your team a round. 

#1 - Cypher 

If you were expecting to see Sage at this spot, think again. In recent weeks, it’s been Cypher that’s taken over the most crucial position on VALORANT teams. TSM was among the first esports rosters to drop Sage, and since then, other rosters have followed suit. This is for good reason though, as Cypher has some of the best reconnaissance abilities in VALORANT. The Spycam is an incredibly valuable tool that allows teams more freedom on the map. He can also singlehandedly stop teams from flanking around one side with his Trapwire ability.

So there you have it, the best agents for a 5v5 team loadout for your VALORANT games. Stay tuned at GGRecon for more VALORANT esports news and tips.


Images via Riot Games

Joey Carr was a freelance contributor to GGRecon.

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