Valheim HUNT HIS KIN: How to summon and defeat the first boss, Eikthyr

Valheim HUNT HIS KIN: How to summon and defeat the first boss, Eikthyr
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Are you trying to summon and defeat the first boss in Valheim but don't know what "HUNT HIS KIN" means? Valheim features hints about how to summon the game's many bosses, but they aren't always clear and obvious. If you think you're ready to take on Eikthyr, here's what you need to know about how to summon and defeat the first boss in Valheim.

Valheim HUNT HIS KIN: Where to find the first boss, Eikthyr

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Immediately upon spawning into Valheim, you will encounter the Sacrificial Stones. Beside the Sacrificial Stone for Eikthyr, the first boss, you will find a glowing red Runestone called Vegvisir. Interact with the Vegvisir to reveal the location of one of Eikthyr's Forsaken Altars on your in-game map.

Valheim HUNT HIS KIN: How to summon the first boss, Eikthyr

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To summon the first boss in Valheim, you must visit its Forsaken Altar. But at Forsaken Altars for Eikthyr, you will find another Vegvisir. After interacting with the Vegvisir, you will get a pop-up on your screen hinting at what ingredients you need to summon the first boss: "HUNT HIS KIN".

If you haven't put the pieces together yet, like the text at the Vegvisir near the Sacrificial Stones or the statue above the Vegvisir at the Forsaken Altar, the first boss is a deer. With that, "HUNT HIS KIN" is an instruction to hunt deer.

To summon Eikthyr, you will need two deer trophies. You can find deer throughout the Meadows, but you may have a hard time hunting deer without a crude bow and wood arrows.

With two Deer Trophies in your possession, equip the deer trophies, approach the first bosses' Forsaken Altar, and use the deer trophies on the Altar to bring forth Eikthyr.

Valheim HUNT HIS KIN: How to defeat the first boss, Eikthyr

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Eikthyr is the first boss in Valheim and also the easiest to defeat. Still, it's best to come prepared.

Battling Eikthyr from a distance is a winning strategy, so fill your inventory with plenty of wood arrows to use with a crude bow. If you must use melee, a flint axe is your best bet.

Defence-wise, leather armour is sufficient. You can craft leather armour using the deer hide you obtain from hunting deer. Wood shields are also effective against Eikthyr's attacks if you opt to get up close and personal.

The first boss can hit hard, so make sure to maximise your health by eating food beforehand. Cooked meat, grilled fish, and mushrooms are your best options in the early stages of Valheim.

Eikthyr comes equipped with three attacks: a lightning bolt, an area-of-effect stomp, and a melee attack. However, if you pay attention, Eikthyr clearly forecasts his attacks. If you witness Eikthyr enter an attack animation, get ready to dodge and get out of the way.

All-in-all, defeating the first boss in Valheim isn't too difficult if you approach it carefully!

Valheim HUNT HIS KIN: Rewards for defeating the first boss, Eikthyr

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When finally slain, the first boss will drop the Eikthyr trophy and hard antlers. You can mount the Eikthyr trophy back at the Sacrificial Stones to unlock the Eikthyr Forsaken Power. When activated, Eikthyr's Forsaken Power reduces the stamina cost of running and jumping by 60%.

You can use the hard antlers at a workbench to craft the antler pickaxe, a necessary tool for mining ore and progressing in Valheim.

Now you know what the "HUNT HIS KIN" hint means in Valheim. Eikthyr is only the first boss and is just a taste of what Valheim has to offer. Venture to new biomes to discover more bosses and defeat the rest of the Forsaken in Valheim.

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