V Rising Tips You Need To Know To Be A Bloodthirsty Vampire

V Rising Tips You Need To Know To Be A Bloodthirsty Vampire
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These V Rising tips are going to come in very handy indeed, because this isometric vampire game has a lot of systems to wrap your head around. Everything from how to start playing in V Rising, where to build your home, weapons, quests and more. Here are our V Rising tips on how to succeed as a bloodthirsty vampire

V Rising Tips: Choosing PvE Or PvP

V Rising Tips: Choosing PvE or PvP
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When starting the game, you will have a choice to make. You can play in either PvE, against enemies only, or PvP, which also has the danger of other players. PvE servers use the regular rules of the game, but players cannot attack each other.

Regular PvP servers are the same rules as PvE, except combat between players is possible. You have two other options for PvP servers, Duos or Full Loot. Duos maxes out the player cap at two per group, ideal for friends playing together. Full Loot is your hardcore option, in this mode, other players can attack you and if you die, you will drop everything you have.

What you choose here is dependent on what kind of experience you are looking for. If you are just starting out and want to learn the ropes, PvE is definitely your best option. In this mode, players are largely cooperative and will help you out more than hinder you. However, if you really want to take things at your own pace, you can also play a private match, which is not online at all.

Once you are ready, you can head to a PvP server. If you want to do that, bring some friends. PvP servers can be full of teams working together, and it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the other players who are out for themselves. You should only join a PvP server when you have some experience and know-how to find your feet - you can read more details in our V Rising PvP guide.

  • Gathering materials is a huge part of the game, we have more specific tips for that like our V Rising iron ore guide.

V Rising Tips: Managing Your Game When Offline

V Rising Tips: Going offline
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V Rising is a permanently online game, when you join a server, that server does not switch off when you log off. The game persists regardless of whether you are there or not - unless you create a private server. While playing the game online, you will likely notice other player characters asleep around the map. This is what happens when you log out of the game and leave your character out in the open, they simply go to sleep where you leave them.

This can be a problem, regardless of where you play. On PvP servers, less than savoury players might attack you in your sleep. Even on PvE servers, you have to be concerned with being found by NPCs, or even being out in the sun. Many players have been found cooked in the sun purely because they logged out of the game out in the open.

When you are exiting the game, be sure to find somewhere safe. Your best bet is to build yourself somewhere safe, as in a castle. Put up some walls, build yourself a coffin, and keep yourself sun-safe inside of it.

  • Your castle is your, well your castle. To maintain it, you need to know how to build and upgrade the V Rising Castle Heart.

V Rising Tips: Where To Build Your Castle

V Rising Tips: Where to build your castle
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One of the core parts of this game is building your own castle. How you go about that is really up to you, there is a massive amount of freedom in how you can build your castle. Where you build your castle is also totally up to you, but there are things to consider.

First and foremost, you need to consider how easily you can get to and from your castle. Sure, the temptation to go full Dracula and build your castle on a cliff in the middle of nowhere is strong, but that will add needless time to your commutes. When sizing up a spot for your home, consider what is nearby. Things like roads, resources, and especially teleporters.

If you can get yourself a spot near one of the Vampire Waygates, you can almost guarantee easy access between your castle and the whole map. If not, it isn’t the end of the world, as you can construct a Waygate of your own later on.

Playing on public servers, you will see plenty of other players’ castles, and you will notice many of them are up on raised areas. These raised areas are popular for constructing castles, they often seem designed for that purpose. Building there gives you very specific ways in and out, making for ideal defensible points.

V Rising Tips: Pick A Weapon Suitable For The Enemies You're Fighting

V Rising Tips: Which weapon to choose
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V Rising gives players a wide variety of weaponry, but figuring out what to use and when is up to you. Early on, you will have a full arsenal made of bone but no explanation as to why you need so many different weapons. Through reading descriptions, you will get some idea of what the differences are, and this is the first point we need to cover.

Not all weapons are necessarily designed for combat. Although all of these items are labelled as weapons, and certainly designed like weapons, that isn’t the intended purpose of each of them. For example, the axes do more damage to trees than they do to enemies. The mace is best suited to smashing rocks and ore deposits. Many weapons have more specific uses than are first apparent, so check the weapon’s description to learn more.

The other thing that makes weapon types unique is their different attacks. Each weapon type has a set of attacks that set them apart from the others, which tell us what kind of weapon they are. Spears have attacks that focus on a singular enemy, which tells you that the spear is meant for hitting big enemies with lots of damage. Contrast that with the reaper, which does damage in wide arcs and areas of effect, making it well suited for groups of enemies.

There aren’t really any wrong answers on which weapons to use, but it is well worth figuring out which weapons work best in different situations. The key is to use them all, play around with them, and find what works for you.


  • Blood is a precious resource, you need it for everything in this game. For more, check out our V Rising Blood Essence guide.

V Rising Tips: Learn How Blood Types Work

V Rising Tips: Blood types
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One of the unique features of V Rising is blood types. As a vampire, you will be consuming the blood of many living creatures. Each time you drink blood, you take on the blood type of the creature you took it from. Blood types grant buffs depending on the type of the blood, and the strength of the blood effect. Drinking blood for a wolf will give you the creature blood type, which grants extra movement speed and resistance to sunlight, or the warrior type which boosts your damage.

Beside your blood type, there is a percentage number. This indicates the strength of your current blood type. When you target an enemy to drink their blood, you will see they also have a percentage indicator. This is the quality of their blood. If you drink their blood, you get that quality level yourself. Every blood type has five tiers of quality, and the higher the tier, the better the effect. Ideally, you want the highest possible quality of any blood you drink.

You cannot improve blood quality, there is no benefit in drinking the same blood type from multiple sources. As such, you need to find sources of blood with higher quality blood and drain them to gain that power for yourself. Be mindful of the blood quality of enemies, if you see someone with good blood quality you should make a point to take it for yourself.

  • V Rising Cave Passages are a quick and easy way to get around the map, provided they go where you want them to.

V Rising Tips: There Are Different Fast Travel Options

V Rising Tips: Getting around the game
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In the early goings-on V Rising, you are going to be doing a lot of walking. You will quickly discover that walking is boring and very slow. Vardoran is a large map, and you will need to travel around it many times. As such, you should familiarise yourself with the various ways in which you can traverse the world.

There are two methods of fast travel around the map. Your options are Cave Passages or Vampire Waygates. Cave Passages are one-way instant trips around the map from one cave entrance to another. They are highly situational but they can be useful. Vampire Waygates are dotted around the map and allow for instant travel between them. There is a catch, you cannot use a waygate if you are carrying resources. This can be a real pain, regardless of how you are using fast travel you will need to plan around it.

Your third option gives you much more freedom. To get around the map quickly you should invest in (read; steal) a horse. Horses are available from multiple locations in the Dunley Farmlands and Silverlight Hills. Mounting a horse will bind it to you, meaning it will stay wherever you leave it. Horses are your best bet for getting around quickly, just remember that unlike you, horses are alive. That means they need things to keep them alive, specifically water. Fill some canteens with water and give them to your horse, that will keep it fit and healthy.

V Rising Tips: Quests And The Blood Altar

V Rising Tips: Finding bosses on the blood altar
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V Rising is an open-world survival game, and those kinds of games can be quite open-ended. It can be difficult to know what to do next, but thankfully V Rising streamlines the process somewhat. From the get-go, V Rising has a quest line for you to follow. This questline acts both as a tutorial and story progress. You are not at all obliged to follow it, but doing so is a good idea when you are not sure what to do. Following the main quest is your main source of new upgrades and items, so regardless you should be sure to tick some items off that to-do list.

If you are at a point where there isn’t much of anything to do, check the Blood Altar. The Blood Altar is the structure in your castle that shows you the list of bosses in the game, and how to find them. Beyond quests, this is your progress tracker. Defeating bosses, drinking their blood, and taking their power. Fighting your way through the list of bosses all the way to the toughest ones is your end-game challenge. If you want to “finish” the game, this is how you do it.

  • Believe it or not, there are few materials more previous in this game than paper. Learn more in our V Rising paper guide.

V Rising Tips: Using The Map To Learn About Resources

V Rising Tips: how to use the map
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Like all open-world games, the map is your best friend. Vardoran is a huge place and it is easy to get lost. Thankfully, V Rising has a really good map. The map is extremely useful, more so than you might first realise.

As well as helping you find your way around, the map can also tell you where the things you need are. On the map, important locations are marked in yellow. This includes everything from the bandit camps to towns, mines and monasteries. Most bosses appear in places like this, so be sure to check your map when you are looking for one of them. You might save yourself some time over trying to follow the rather vague indicator the Blood Altar gives you.

Maybe the most useful feature of the map is how it shows you what resources are available from any of these points of interest. Hover your mouse over one of them and you will get a list of every important resource that can be found there. This is incredibly useful, gathering resources is a big part of the game and it cuts down a lot of time if you know the specific places to go to seek our specific items.

Those are our V Rising tips for success and how to make the best use of the game's many mechanics. For more useful info, check out our V Rising Unsullied Hearts explainer.

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