How To Get V Rising Soul Shards

How To Get V Rising Soul Shards
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27th May 2022 12:17

You will want to know how to get V Rising Soul Shards, as they become one of the key items for increasing your power during the late-game and are imperative in PvP servers. V Rising blends elements of ARPG and survival game design to create a unique vampire experience where you can build up your own castle and wreak havoc on the humans of the land. If you want to make your time feasting on the blood of the living easier, check how to get V Rising Soul Shards, and what each type does. 

  • We also have a guide to how V Rising PvP works, so you know how to fight other players.

What Are V Rising Soul Shards?

What Are V Rising Soul Shards?
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Soul Shards are items that can be equipped to your character, which provide boosts to various stats and increase your overall power. They only become relevant later into the game, and it's unlikely you'll find any until you're close to the end of the main quest. There are currently a total of three in the game, but this changes depending on the mode you play.

In PvE, you can acquire and equip all three of them for huge bonuses, but in PvP it works very differently, as only one Soul Shard is available, and all players will need to fight over earning it. They work just like other held items when you have one in your inventory, so you can set one to a certain key on your hotbar and then gain its bonuses for two hours by using it.


Using a Soul Shard also drops it in place, so you should be careful about where and when you decide to use one, but they are a great way of preparing for certain bosses, enemies, and areas. The table below shows the current Soul Shards in the game.

Soul Shard Buffs
Soul Shard of Solarus

+50% sun resistance

+5% melee attack speed

+10% physical power

Soul Shard of Behemoth

+50% garlic and holy resistance

+5% movement speed

+20% resource gathering

Winged Horror Soul Shard

+50% fire and silver resistance

+10% spell power

+5% spell critical hit chance


How To Get V Rising Soul Shards

How To Get V Rising Souls Shards
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While you can chance upon the bosses which hold Soul Shards, the easiest way to locate them is by constructing an Eye of Twilight. This is a structure that is unlocked after progressing far into the main story, and can be built at your castle with four Gold Ingots and four Spectral Dust at the furnace. 

Once the Eye of Twilight is up and running, if you interact with it, it will display the locations of the Soul Shards, pointing you in the right direction. On PvE servers, the shards are always at specific bosses, but these are some of the hardest ones in the game, so you should come prepared.

As there is only a single Soul Shard in PvP servers, other players or vampire clans will often take it, so you will need to steal it back from them, or kill the boss holding it before anyone else can.

It’s worth noting that enemy players with an Eye of Twilight can also see if you are holding one or storing it at your base, so you'll want to ready your defences in preparation for enemy attacks. 

That's all for our primer on how to get V Rising Soul Shards, and now you know what each one does, along with how to find them with the Eye of Twilight. 

Make sure to check our guide on V Rising Gold Jewelry so you can get the Gold Ingots for the Eye of Twilight. 


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