V Rising Putrid Rat: How To Summon And Beat

V Rising Putrid Rat: How To Summon And Beat
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The V Rising Putrid Rat is one of the more unusual bosses in the game. V Rising gives players a long list of tough as nails bosses to track down and defeat. Putrid Rat is a boss fight that works differently from any other boss in the game. Here is everything you need to take on the V Rising Putrid Rat.

  • If you're going to fight the Putrid Rat, you will at least want a V Rising ceiling over your head.

V Rising Putrid Rat: How To Summon

V Rising Putrid Rat: Summoning the boss
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What separates the Putrid Rat from other bosses is that you do not go out and find the Putrid Rat in the world. Instead, you must summon the Putrid Rat to you. To do so, you need to construct a Vermin Nest in your Castle. Open the build menu, you should see it under Refinements. Build the Vermin Nest and interact to see how you can summon the boss.

Weirdly, you have to craft the Putrid Rat. The materials for it are one Twilight Snapper, four Fish Bones and eight Grave Dust. The Twilight Snapper is a fish, so get yourself a fishing rod and go find some water to fish in. Fish Bones are also acquired through fishing, so keep at it until you have enough of both materials. Grind some bones in the grinder or hang out in some graveyards to stock up on Grave Dust.

Throw these materials in the required amounts into the Vermin Nest to “craft” the Putrid Rat. Once you do, the boss will appear from the Vermin Nest. You have a few seconds before it becomes active, but be ready to have a boss fight in your own home.


V Rising Putrid Rat: How To Beat

V Rising Putrid Rat: how to defeat the Putrid Rat
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Putrid Rat is a level 30 boss fight, so be sure you are ready for it before you engage in the encounter. Bear in mind that if you do not or can not defeat Putrid Rat after summoning it, then you will be stuck with a very aggressive house guest. It is advisable to upgrade to at least V Rising Merciless Nightstalker armour and plenty of copper weapons.

The fight itself isn’t overly complicated. Putrid Rat basically has four moves, a regular attack, an aggressive series of attacks, an area of effect attack, and using Dig from Pokemon. The regular attacks are very easy to avoid, keep a bit of a distance and you should have no issue side-stepping it. When it glows red, it is about to do a series of attacks so get well away from it. If the Rat has a green effect, that means it is charging its area of effect attack and you should back off quickly. When it digs underground, it summons a swarm of smaller rats for you to fight.

Your best bet is to use a spear, hit the Putrid Rat from as far away as you can, and it shouldn’t be able to hit you at all. Switch to your sword when it summons in the other rats to clear them out, then focus on wearing down the Putrid Rat with the spear.

That is everything you need to know to defeat the V Rising Putrid Rat. For more on the game, such as how to find the bosses that don't come to you, check out our V Rising boss locations guide.

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