V Rising Gold Ingots: How To Farm Gold Jewellery

V Rising Gold Ingots: How To Farm Gold Jewellery
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9th Jun 2022 10:04

V Rising Gold Ingots are a very important resource gained from melting down Gold Jewellery, and they are key for improving your armour's defence and weapon damage throughout the game. During V Rising, you'll come across tonnes of different materials and resources that have a multitude of uses in crafting and building. So if you are looking for how to farm V Rising Gold Jewelry so you can craft V Rising Gold Ingots, we've got you covered. 

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How To Farm V Rising Gold Jewelry

V Rising Gold Jewelry: How To Farm
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Before getting the useful V Rising Gold Ingots, you will need to farm Gold Jewelry. It can be earned from a few different places and enemies in the game, but they're all closer to the mid and late-game portion of V Rising, meaning you won't see much of this resource at the start. The enemies that typically drop Gold Jewelry are some of the hardest foes you'll face, so it's worth being prepared with the right gear and potions. 

One of the best places to farm for Gold Jewelry is the Brighthaven Cathedral, which is located along the western border of the Silverlight Hills region. Due to the Holy Aura that surrounds this area, you will need to bring some Holy Resistance Flasks so you can safely farm. The enemies you'll want to look out for are the Paladins and Wizards, as they have the best chance at dropping Gold Jewelry. 


Another good option for farming this resource is by killing Armoured Knights and Clerics. These can also be found in the Silverlight Hills region, but they're further away from the cathedral. Once again, these are tough opponents, so if you are planning on going on a farming loop around both the above areas, prepare with your best quality gear. 

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How To Craft Gold Ingots In V Rising

V Rising Gold Jewelry: How To Craft Gold Ingots
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While you may be stocked up on Gold Jewelry, before you can begin turning it into V Rising Gold Ingots and improving your armour and weapons, you will need to acquire the recipe for creating them. To get the Gold Ingot recipe, you will need to defeat Azariel the Sunbringer, who is located in the Brighthaven Cathedral. They are a level 68 boss, so be ready for a tough fight and make sure you have some Holy Resistance Flasks on-hand. 

After Azariel has been defeated, you will be able to create V Rising Gold Ingots by smelting the Gold Jewelry at your castle's furnace. Each Gold Ingot requires eight Sulphur and eight Gold Jewelry to create, and once they are formed, you'll be able to increase the efficacy of your armour and weaponry. 

That's all for our walkthrough for farming V Rising Gold Jewelry, and now you will be able to collect enough to create V Rising Gold Ingots and improve your gear. 

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