How To Beat The TUNIC The Librarian Boss

How To Beat The TUNIC The Librarian Boss
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16th Mar 2022 17:00

You may want to know how to beat the TUNIC The Librarian boss, after climbing up to the top of the library in the sky. This TUNIC boss fight feels more low-key after taking on the big Siege Engine, but The Librarian can put up a tough fight with their varied magical moveset. So, for a walkthrough of how to beat the TUNIC The Librarian boss, we've got you covered. 

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How To Beat The TUNIC The Librarian Boss: The Fight 

TUNIC The Librarian Boss
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The Librarian boss can be hard because of the number of ways you can take damage in the fight, and the number of moves that require you to dodge multiple enemies or projectiles. The Magic Dagger is imperative to making this fight easier, so make sure you pick it up from the West Garden, which we run through in the TUNIC Garden Knight boss guide. 

Immediately after starting the boss fight, The Librarian will summon four rudelings or floating skulls enemies on each side of the small combat arena. You need to deal with these enemies quickly, as the boss will watch for a bit before throwing out more moves, which are harder to avoid with enemies on your tail. The bomb items you can find throughout the game are useful for these enemies, and with good aim you can take them all out at once. 

The Librarian spends most of the fight floating around the side of the arena, and this is where it will do most of its attacks. A frequent move will see it summoning purple projectiles that lock onto you. These come in two formations, but the easiest way to avoid it is to dodge toward them through the gaps between each projectile. These abilities can also hit the summoned enemies if they are still alive. 

There are also a number of attacks that come from The Librarian's sword. It can swipe its sword to send a ranged slash toward you, which leaves a trail that can damage you too. Just dodge out of the way and avoid the trail until it disappears. Sometimes it will also dash toward you onto the tower, and attack with its sword, giving you a brief window to attack. The boss will perform a wind-up before this, where it swings its sword behind its back before dashing. 


The last two moves it performs are the most powerful. Sometimes the boss will hold its sword out in front, and a faint orange light will appear in front that telegraphs where the attack will hit before it shoots out a laser for a few seconds. You can dodge this easy enough, but sometimes The Librarian will continue to move around, so you may need to block with your shield. 

Its last attack is a powerful slam that harnesses electricity. When you see The Librarian hold its sword in the air and the orange electricity connects with its sword, move away from the centre of the arena. The boss will slam down for a few seconds in the middle, and if you get too close you will be hit by electricity. 

The best strategy for this fight is to just avoid the boss's attacks while it floats around the arena. When it performs the slam attack in the middle, use your Magic Dagger to freeze it and hit your combo or throw bombs. You won't need to worry about mana, as killing the enemies that The Librarian summons gives you MP. Rinse and repeat this strategy a few times, and the boss should drop in no time, rewarding you with the TUNIC Green Gem.

That's all for our walkthrough of the TUNIC The Librarian boss fight, and now you know the best strategy for dealing with this magical enemy. 

After you've defeated The Librarian, you should set off for the TUNIC Blue Gem, so check out where to find it.


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