How To Beat The TUNIC Garden Knight Boss

How To Beat The TUNIC Garden Knight Boss
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16th Mar 2022 17:00

The TUNIC Garden Knight boss makes for the finale of the West Garden area, and it's a fight that will test the skills you've honed up until that point. One of TUNIC's central elements is its boss battles, which can make for difficult encounters before mastering their movesets and intricacies. The Garden Knight is no different, so if you want to learn how to beat the TUNIC Garden Knight boss, we've got you covered. 

  • After ringing the West Bell you'll have completed the first part of the game, but you may need some TUNIC tips for the rest.

How To Beat The TUNIC Garden Knight Boss: Getting the Magic Dagger

TUNIC Garden Knight Boss magic dagger
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While not as vital as the sword is during the TUNIC Guard Captain boss fight, the Magic Dagger will make the Garden Knight boss a little easier to face off with. It can be found in a little cave toward the south of the West Garden area. From the most southern spawn point, travel north and then take a right across the wooden planks. 

From there you can travel down the stairs, and past the torch on the wall into the cave to receive the dagger. It grants you three ice bursts that freeze and let you damage enemies. The dagger is also pointed out on the Instruction Manual Page 27, which contains the map of the West Garden area. Once you receive this, you can travel north toward the boss fight.

How To Beat The TUNIC Garden Knight Boss: The Fight

TUNIC Garden Knight Boss
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The in-game Instruction Manual Pages suggest that players should reach Attack and Defence level three before attempting this fight, the former of which will allow you to make the most of your combos. The red pepper item can also make this fight a lot easier, and two can be found in the chest below the southern spawn point in the West Garden area. 

One of the most vital ways to beat the TUNIC Garden Knight boss is by learning to avoid and take advantage of its three types of attacks. Firstly is the combo attack, where it slams its weapon down where you are standing three times. You have to hit three perfect dodges here which can be challenging, and you can only get close enough to land your three-hit combo off if you dodge just ahead and to the side of its last attack.


The second attack causes the Garden Knight to spike its weapon into the floor, and spin around performing an uppercut. This can be a deadly attack if it lands, but you can dodge backwards to avoid it entirely. The Garden Knight also remains in the same position for this entire attack, so if you can dodge into the right area to get behind it, it's a guaranteed combo. 

The third attack is ranged, and the Knight will jump back and shift into a turret before using its weapon to fire off three large blasts. These blasts also get wider as they travel. You can tank the majority of this attack with your shield, but it's better to roll out of the way and run to the Garden Knight. It cannot change direction after firing the first shot, so it leaves it open to a few hits. 

Your Magic Dagger is best used after landing a combo to stun the Garden Knight, giving yourself more time to get off attacks. Landing the third hit of your combo is also key, as it deals the highest damage, and paired with a red pepper, you can quickly burst the boss down. It may take you a few attempts to get used to the attacks, but they can be overcome, and the additional utility items will make your life significantly easier. 

That's our breakdown of how to beat the TUNIC Garden Knight boss, and you should be able to now reach the West Bell and continue the story.

Your next goal should be to find the TUNIC Red Gem, so have a look at how to track it down.


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