Tower of Fantasy Codes (November 2022)

Tower of Fantasy Codes (November 2022)
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4th Nov 2022 10:00

Tower of Fantasy is an anime-style free-to-play RPG released in the wake of the huge success of Genshin Impact and other titles. Redemption codes in Tower of Fantasy are just one of the ways you can get free items and currency in Tower of Fantasy, along with registration bonuses and other web awards. To get all the free codes this November, read on.

  • Struggling to change the language in Tower of Fantasy, or wish to switch to the Japanese voice-over? Read our guide on how to change Tower of Fantasy's language here.

Tower of Fantasy Working Codes (November 2022)

Tower of Fantasy gameplay
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Below is a list of all the working Tower of Fantasy Codes this November 2022.

  • TOF666 - Redeem the code to get 8,888 gold plus one SR relic shard box
  • TOF888 - Redeem the code to get 8,888 gold, Black Nucleus x1, and Crispy Grilled Fish x10
  • ILOVETOF - Redeem the code to get Gold Nucleus x1 and Weapon Battery II x5
  • TOFINESGS2022 – Redeem to get a Gold Nucleus
  • GIFTVERA - Redeem to get a Black Nucleus
  • 9AN5X46Q - Redeem to get 150 Dark Crystals and an Aesperia Special Gift
  • 9AL4VC2X - Redeem to get 8,888 Gold and an SR Relic Shard Box
  • 9AK7K8TD - Redeem to get a Black Nucleus and an SR Relic Shard Box

Tower of Fantasy Expired Codes (November 2022)

Below is all the expired Tower of Fantasy Codes. If you wish to try your luck at redeeming them anyway, they are as follows:

  • TOF0811TOF
  • ht888
  • huanta666
  • huanta888
  • huanta520
  • ht666
  • ht520
  • YL666
  • YL777
  • YL999

Tower of Fantasy: How To Redeem Codes

How to redeem codes in Tower of Fantasy
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To redeem your Tower of Fantasy codes, simply complete the tutorial and then open the gift box icon at the top right of the screen. (For PC users hold ALT and left-click to bring up the mouse, then click on the gift box). Click on the 'Rewards' tab at the bottom of the screen and then the 'Exchange' tab on the left. Now, either paste or type in your codes to redeem. Press confirm and you should receive your goodies in the mail, (to access this, press the letter icon at the top left of the screen, under the mini-map).

Tower of Fantasy: Global Launch Events and Rewards

Tower of Fantasy mail system
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Tower of Fantasy is also giving away plenty of in-game items as part of their pre-registration bonus events. To participate, sign up for Tower of Fantasy and download the game through their website here.





Starpath Navigation

Complete the 'Ecological Station Intruders' main quest.

21 days after character creation

  • SSR weapon box.
  • Gold nucleus.
  • Proof of purchase.

Pre-registration Milestone

Complete the 'Ecological Station Intruders' main quest.

August 11 – February 6 (2023)

  • Exclusive avatar
  • Six milestone rewards including Dark crystals and gachapon vouchers.
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