Titan Warfare Codes September 2022

Titan Warfare Codes September 2022
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Tarran Stockton


1st Sep 2022 15:57

You will want to know the active list of Roblox Titan Warfare codes if you are looking to gain a bunch of free rewards, such as currency and keys. Titan Warfare is a custom Roblox game mode that's inspired by the huge anime, Attack on Titan, which pits players against each other in PvP as Eldians or Marleyans. If you want to get a rundown of the Titan Warfare codes so you can get ahead of the other players, we've got you covered. 

We checked for any new active or expired codes on the 1st of September 2022. Check out the full list below.

Titan Warfare Codes September 2022

The Titan Warfare codes mostly consist of keys or cash rewards. The active codes are:

  • POTATO_LOVER - Free Rewards 
  • AWESOME_WARFARE - $2,500 and Rewards
  • HANG3 - $500 and Rewards 
  • CALCTUTOR – Free Rewards
  • YEL3NA – Free Rewards
  • K3NNY – Free Rewards
  • ANN1E – Free Rewards


Titan Warfare Expired Codes September 2022

There are also a number of codes that no longer work, but you will want to know them so you don't waste time inputting them later. They are:

  • 300K_LIKES
  • SEASON_3!!
  • SEASON_1
  • MAGATH123
  • B.E.A.S.T
  • XBOXGAMING - Redeem for Cash and Keys
  • 45KLIKES - Redeem for Cash and Keys
  • 50KLIKESTHANKYOU - Redeem for Cash and Keys
  • 5MILVISITS - Redeem for 10 Keys, $1K Cash
  • MAGATH123 - Redeem for $500 Cash

Titan Warfare Codes - How To Redeem

To redeem your Titan Warfare codes, boot the game up and then select which mode you want to take part in. Enter the shop screen by clicking the icon at the very bottom left of the screen. A new window will pop up, and on the bottom left of this window, there is a text box that says 'Code.' Input one of the active codes here, and then press the Enter button next to it to claim the reward instantly. 

That's all for our primer on the Titan Warfare codes in Roblox, and now you know the active list, along with the method for redeeming them. 

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