The Five Best Killstreaks To Use In Modern Warfare Multiplayer

The Five Best Killstreaks To Use In Modern Warfare Multiplayer

Written by 

Joey Carr


19th Aug 2020 17:00

While it may not have the most dominant killstreaks in Call of Duty history, Modern Warfare has some enjoyable streaks. From the air support to the more attainable ones, there’s something for everyone on the killstreak list within Modern Warfare. However, some are going to give you more bang for your buck when hopping into a multiplayer match. So, which ones should you be using?

5. Support Helo 

We decided to put the Support Helo on the list rather than the Chopper Gun for two reasons. One, the Support Helo isn’t shot down as easily. And two, you don’t have to drop everything to control the helicopter. With the Chopper Gunner, you’re camping in a corner trying not to be seen. Although, the Support Helo gets kills for you while you’re still on the ground running and gunning. 

Coming in at 11 kills, or 10 with Hardline, the Support Helo is quite effective on open maps. However, on maps such as Atlas Superstore, it won’t be as effective due to how much cover there is on the map. 

4. Personal Radar 

Of course, this had to make the list, as UAVs are uber-valuable in Modern Warfare. Since there’s no standard mini-map, a UAV becomes a necessary part of any killstreak lineup. 

Support Killstreaks Modern Warfare
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COD Personal Radar

Although, we went with the Personal Radar over the regular UAV because with Hardline equipped, you only need two kills to earn it. This is extremely easy for any skill level and helps out more than most killstreaks with earning kills towards the higher streaks. 

However, if you’re just starting out, using a Personal Radar and something like the Cruise Missle can really help you out with achieving those streaks that you couldn’t before. 

3. Advanced UAV 

For the same reasons as we just mentioned, any kind of UAV is helpful in Modern Warfare. Though, the Advanced UAV is nearly unstoppable whenever you or one of your teammates earn it. The Advanced UAV shows you and the rest of your squad each enemy’s direction on the mini-map so you’re not chasing red dots. 

While the price is a bit high at 12 kills, 11 with Hardline, we feel it’s worth it in order to earn our next killstreak on this list. 

2. Juggernaut 

Support Killstreaks Modern Warfare
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Juggernaut COD

The highest killstreak in Modern Warfare, the Juggernaut suit is arguably the most fun killstreak to use in any Call of Duty game. If you manage to earn 15 kills, 14 with Hardline, then you can call in a Care Package that holds this monster inside.

Equipped with a light machine gun and some metal music in the background, the Juggernaut suit rips apart enemies. If you manage to earn it in a Ground War game and hold down a spot near an opponent’s flag, you can rack up dozens of kills if you play the situation correctly. 

However, it’s extremely high price only gets it to number two on our list. 

1.    VTOL Jet

The VTOL Jet is quite possibly the most annoying killstreak in Modern Warfare due to its high-pitched and obnoxious noise. However, it makes up for it by shredding through an enemy team if called in on an open map. 

Support Killstreaks Modern Warfare
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Like with the Support Helo, the VTOL Jet excels on maps that don’t have a lot of cover. Although, it costs four kills less than the Support Helo and delivers nearly the same amount of firepower. The only downside is the VTOL is easier to shoot down, especially when you’re playing Ground War. 

Amidst all that, however, the VTOL Jet is a terrific mid-range killstreak that can really earn you kills if called in under the right circumstances. 


Images via Activision

Joey Carr was a freelance contributor to GGRecon.

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