How To Get The Cycle Frontier Strider Heads

How To Get The Cycle Frontier Strider Heads
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15th Jun 2022 12:00

The Cycle Frontier Strider Heads can be a useful resource for various quests, while also making a good commodity to sell in the early-game due to the ease of getting them. You'll come across a tonne of resources during your time scouring Fortuna III in The Cycle Frontier, but they vary in their usefulness throughout the game. So if you need to know how to get The Cycle Frontier Strider Heads, we'll show you. 

How To Get The Cycle Frontier Strider Heads

How To Get The Cycle Frontier Strider Heads
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There is basically one source for Strider Heads, and that's the Strider enemies that can be found throughout the map. Striders are one of the more basic and common enemies, so they don't possess too much of a threat relative to the other creatures you'll find, but when you're just getting started and aren't used to them, they can be a bit of a challenge. What's made worse is they tend to come in packs, and if you opt for shooting them and making noise, you can attract even worse monsters to your location. 

The best way of dealing with the Striders is by getting out your knife and using the charge attack, as it can one-hit them to the head and doesn't make noise. With your knife out, you are also more mobile and able to dodge their jumping and sprinting attacks. Once you've taken down a pack this way, you can freely loot all the bodies to acquire the Strider Heads. 


The Cycle Frontier Strider Heads Uses

The Cycle Frontier Strider Heads Uses
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A Strider Head is a legendary tier rarity material that takes up ten weight in your inventory. They have a value of 6812 Krypto Marks, so they are good in the early game, but they have an overall low value per weight, meaning there are much better resources to seek out when you can. 

The Strider Heads are key for crafting uncommon helmets though, so you'll need to get them at some point as you progress through equipment. You'll also need a total of ten to complete one of the objectives for the Field Research quest.  

Now you know what the main uses of The Cycle Frontier Strider Heads are, and you should be able to effectively farm them from Striders.  

We also have a walkthrough to get you started with one of the early-game quests to find The Cycle Frontier SOS sign.

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