The Cycle Frontier Loot Respawn Explained

The Cycle Frontier Loot Respawn Explained
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13th Jun 2022 11:11

The Cycle Frontier loot respawn system is a rather new introduction to the loot and extract genre of games, and offers an intriguing solution to a problem that frustrates many players. For a lot of quests in The Cycle Frontier you will need a specific item, and it can be very frustrating loading into a match only to see that someone else has already picked it up. So, if you’re wanting to find out all about The Cycle Frontier loot respawn times, check out our guide below.

How Do Matches Work In The Cycle Frontier?

The Cycle Frontier Loot Respawn Matches Explained
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One of the key components in understanding how The Cycle Frontier loot respawn system works and why it is in the game is how the actual matches function. Unlike other extraction-based titles like Escape From Tarkov, The Cycle Frontier doesn’t really have discreet ‘matches’, so to say. 

Instead, it operates on a server reset system every six hours, and you can jump in at any point during that six hours and hypothetically stay until the reset point. The good thing about this is that there is no rush to explore and pick up whatever you need, but what happens when someone has collected an item you need to hand in for a quest? That’s where loot respawn comes in handy.

The Cycle Frontier Loot Respawn: How Does It Work?

The Cycle Frontier Loot Respawn Explained
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The Cycle Frontier loot respawn is a handy way of keeping matches open and mostly unlimited, but preventing a loot shortage over that six-hour time span. The way it works is that there is an hourly respawn timer tied to the server that all picked items respawn at, regardless of when within that hour they were picked up.


Hypothetically, you could pick up an item 59 minutes into the hourly cycle and have it respawn within a minute, but then pick up another item a couple of minutes later and have to wait a whole hour.

However, you do need to be at least ten metres away from an item before it can respawn, preventing any player from camping an item they want to pick up. It is great if you’re wanting to farm an item like The Cycle Frontier Waterweed Filament for some early game quests though, as it will have probably respawned in the time you have been to collect in a different zone.

If you manage to catch a high-tier loot area on The Cycle Frontier map just as the loot respawn is enacted you will be in for a good time, but it can be quite frustrating for players dropping into areas that have already been swept.

So, that wraps up everything we currently know about The Cycle Frontier loot respawn. It can be a handy tool for keeping games fresh and ensuring loot is spread out to everyone, so why not check out our The Cycle Frontier how to sell guide so you can make the most of your new items.

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