The Best Strategy for Chicken Dinners on PUBG’s New Map; Karakin

The Best Strategy for Chicken Dinners on PUBG’s New Map; Karakin

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Aashir Ahmed


2nd Feb 2020 18:00

PUBG Season 6 went live on platforms and players queued in to get their first looks at the new map: Karakin, It’s an island off the coast of Northern Africa with an arid, rocky environment – which suggest that it has a lot of open terrain features. This map is unlike its counterparts as it alters the usual gameplay. It is the smallest map to be introduced as it measures only 2 X 2 km; to further amp up the excitement and competitiveness they have introduced the Black Zone. This zone is somewhat similar to the Red Zone, but players won’t be able to seek refuge in the buildings since all the buildings currently on Karakin cannot withstand these bombs and will be destroyed upon impact. 

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Furthermore, Sticky Bombs have been added to the game, which allows players to capitalize on the fact that the buildings are now destructible and enter a building from unusual places, terrifying their opponents. This map has a limit of only 64 players, unlike the 100 of its counterparts, and it has replaced Vikendi in the current map pool. Lastly, throughout the map, there are several walls which are capable of being shot through.

Due to the reduction in map size, and the introduction of several new features integrated within Karakin, it is vital to develop a formidable strategy that can maximize your ability to use the newly introduced features to your advantage and to understand ways in which you can defend yourselves if those features are used otherwise.


1. Perfect Landing:

As you might already be aware, each game of PUBG starts with jumping off from an Airplane, so you must choose a good landing spot and the time your landing perfectly. Since this map has a smaller size, there is a higher chance you land in the vicinity of another player. It is important to equip yourself before fighting to minimalize the risk of dying early in the game.

2. Don’t Camp:

Yes, you read that right. Don’t Camp. The matches played on this map will most likely be more fast-paced and action-packed than previous incarnations, given the fact that certain areas of the map will witness a Black Zone throughout the map, and the buildings will be incapable of providing shelter. The best thing to do is to keep moving as the game proceeds and, if you happen to be in the black zone, try to exit it as soon as the siren rings. Even if you aren’t in the Black Zone, staying in a building isn’t entirely without threat, since bullet penetration was added to the weakest walls in Karakin. This gives brief glimpses of your enemies through damaged drywall, and you must decide to take the fight or regroup. Moreover, this map is based in an arid environment, with few to no shrubs surrounding the area, which practically means that players will no longer be able to bush camp.

3. Don’t Stand Still:

If you happen to eliminate a person, or if a Supply Crate lies in front of you, enticing you to come and open it. Just Don’t. This is because, looting from a box in the open requires a few seconds of you staying still, providing more than enough time for a Sniper to fire the bullet through your head and send you back to the lobby.

4. Try to Carry Sticky Bombs:

Although carrying grenades or any other ordnances might seem a bit unconventional, sticky bombs in Karakin are especially useful. Scattered across the map are Cave Bunkers, which are currently one of the best places for loot spawns; however, to gain access to deeper levels, sticky bombs might be required. While on the other hand, they can prove to have great potential if used offensively, as they can be placed at entry points to certain buildings and can be detonated when the enemy approaches.

PUBG Sticky Bomb
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5. Stay Near the Black Zone:

The result of this strategy depends upon how it is put into practice. The Black Zone is designed to push players out of the safety of a building, and rush towards areas not covered by the zone. In the process of doing so, it is possible that, if you wait at the end of the Black Zone, you might have the opportunity to engage in a gunfight with them. Being outside the zone, you will have an advantage and the ability to shoot them from a far distance, while they will be running for their lives from the destruction of the Black Zone. If you are successful in eliminating the squad, it is an easy technique to acquire their loot. and if it doesn’t then take this risk was suicide.

6. Keep Calm in the End Fights:

Make sure to never incite the end fights. Because, in the end, if a fight begins, other teams get roped in and decide to play a part. They then gain an advantage over the other teams by attacking from the side. It is highly likely that, if you start a fight – even by firing a single bullet out of your chamber – teams will attack you from every possible side, leading to nothing but your ultimate destruction.

These are some of the fundamental strategies that can prove beneficial while playing a match on the new Karakin map; however, each player has their own unique style and should implement these strategies in a way that suits them the most.

Twitch Prime Skin:


PUBG Twitch Prime
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For the past few seasons, the Twitch Prime Loot for PUBG has been only available to be redeemed on PC with this note being displayed on Twitch’s Website:

“Note: These items can only be used for the Steam version of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.”

But the release of Season 6 saw new Twitch Prime Bundles being introduced, with it being available on PS4 and Xbox One for the first time. There will be two crates namely The Pilot Crate (Available from 30th January to 27th February), and the Gunslinger Crate (Available from 28th February to 36th March). Redeeming the skin is as easy as it seems and can be done by:

  1. Sign in to PUBG’s Global Account
  2. Link your gaming account*
  3. Link your Twitch account
  4. Click “claim now” on Twitch Prime
  5. Launch the game and log-in with the account you have linked to see the item in your inventory


Images via PUBG Corp & Twitch. 

Aashir Ahmed was a freelance contributor to GGRecon.

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