Stardew Valley Leo: Gifts, Schedule, Heart Events

Stardew Valley Leo: Gifts, Schedule, Heart Events
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Stardew Valley Leo is a new character that arrived alongside the Ginger Island update. As one of the few inhabitants of Ginger Island, his Stardew Valley story is something of a mystery at first, preferring the company of the island parrots to humans, he is shy to talk to the player at first and takes some serious gift-giving to become friends with and share his mysterious backstory. To uncover this mystery and learn Leo’s favourite gifts, his schedule and heart events, read on.

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Stardew Valley Leo: Best Gifts


  • All universal loves
  • Duck Feather
  • Mango
  • Ostrich Egg
  • Poi


  • All universal likes (except most cooking items and alcohol)
  • Dragon Tooth
  • Mango Sticky Rice
  • Nautilus Shell
  • Quartz
  • Rainbow Shell
  • Sea Urchin
  • Spice Berry


  • All universal dislikes (except Oil, Unmilled Rice and Fish)
  • Most cooked dishes
  • Most Forage


  • All universal hates (except Dragon Tooth and Sea Urchin)
  • Holly Hops
  • Oil
  • Morel
  • Triple Shot Espresso
  • Unmilled Rice
  • Alcoholic drinks
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Stardew Valley Leo: How to Foster a Relationship

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Ginger Island is all about collecting Golden Walnuts. These are located in various spots on the island and are traded with the parrots in exchange for new unlockable areas of the island to explore. When you initially meet Leo at his treehouse, he will be too shy to talk to you until you prove yourself to be a friend of the parrots and give them a Golden Walnut.

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Mango is a great gift for Leo but will require you to trade in 10 Golden Walnuts first, to unlock the Island Trader, located north of the beach. This is essentially an island themed shop that will exchange items for others. Here you can trade 75 Mussels for a Mango Sapling which works like any other fruit tree, taking 28 days to mature and produces 1 Mango daily. Mussels can be found on the beach south to the island farm, and often respawn every couple of days.

You can find an Ostrich Egg buried near the Volcano; however, it is worth keeping hold of until you acquire the Ostrich Egg Incubator from Professor Snail (upon completing his dig site collection). This way you can hatch an Ostrich first and then continuously produce eggs after that, giving you freedom to gift more than one to Leo.

The recipe for Poi is gifted to the player after achieving 3+ hearts with him. It is an easy cooked item to make as its only ingredient is Tarot Root, which can be grown from Tarot Tubers offered by the Island Trader in return for Bone Fragments. These are located at the Dig Site, west of the Professor’s tent.

Duck Feathers are most likely the easiest gift to obtain for Leo as they only require a good relationship with your Ducks to collect. If you already have Ducks on your farm, it should be easy enough to save up some Duck Feathers for gifting.


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Stardew Valley Leo: Schedule

Before achieving 6+ hearts with Leo:

When raining he will spend the day either inside his island hut or just outside it.

Regular schedule is spent outside his hut until 12pm when he stands next to the parrot perch on the beach.

Sundays he walks to the secret passage to the right of his hut, near the gemstone shrines.

After achieving 6+ hearts with Leo:

Most days he can be found in or around his treehouse, except for Sundays and some Mondays when he visits Ginger Island.

He visits the Museum library on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Thursday and Fridays he stands by the mountain lake.

Saturdays he plays in the playground before returning to his treehouse.

Stardew Valley Leo: Heart Events

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At zero hearts Leo will not speak to you until you have given a Golden Walnut to the Parrot that lives inside his hut. Once this is done, a second cutscene will trigger upon entering the tent again. Leo will come down his ladder and approach the player.

The Player can learn more of Leo’s backstory, why he is on the island and how he can communicate with the birds. It seems that Leo was involved in a shipwreck where his parents were lost at sea and he washed up on Ginger Island, he was then adopted by the birds of the Island and raised as one of them.

Two Hearts

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Leo approaches the player on the beach, south of the island farm. He expresses curiosity about Pelican Town, in particular if there are any children there like him. He shares that he doesn’t feel like he belongs anywhere, around people or around his bird family. Leo leaves and Willy approaches, he wonders out loud if there’s anything he can do for Leo.

Three Hearts

The player receives the recipe for Poi in the mail.

Four Hearts

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The player finds Leo stood just to the west of the volcano. He starts to ponder how different his life would have been if he hadn’t ended up on the island. He asks the player if he could ever be a normal kid again. 

Six Hearts

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The player brings Leo to the docks, where Willy and Linus are waiting. Linus speaks bird to Leo to gain his trust, he then asks him to move to Stardew Valley, so that he might impart his knowledge to him and teach him all about nature and the lay of the land there.

Willy offers to take Leo back to the island whenever he wishes and adds that there are other children in Stardew that would want to meet him. This sparks Leo’s interest who then agrees to the plan.

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After this heart event with Leo, during the night the parrots will renovate the tree that is to the left of Linus’s house. It will become a treehouse where Leo will live whilst in Stardew Valley.

Seven Hearts

The player is given the recipe for Mango Sticky Rice in the mail from Leo.

Nine Hearts

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A montage plays of various scenes showing Leo adjusting to his new life in Stardew Valley. It shows him learning about nature with Linus, fishing with Willy and befriending the other children in the town. At the end of the montage Leo expresses happiness with his new life.

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