Social Not Working Warzone 2: How To Fix

Social Not Working Warzone 2: How To Fix
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Tarran Stockton


17th Nov 2022 11:22

The social not working Warzone 2 error is currently affecting lots of players, which is prohibiting them from joining up with friends and making the social experience a bit worse. Call of Duty Warzone 2 has released, and like any game launch, there are some problems that need fixing, ranging from major to minor issues. If you've run into the social not working Warzone 2 glitch and want to know a workaround to join back up with friends, we've got you covered. 

Social Not Working Warzone 2: How To Fix

Social Not Working Warzone 2
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The social not working Warzone 2 error is affecting many users, and seems to occur randomly when a player navigates to any of the game's social features, causing it to display the aforementioned error message. This means players cannot access messages, general chat, forums, leaderboards, and many more features that are necessary as an online game. 

This has been widely reported so far, making it a fairly common bug, so Activision will no doubt be working on an immediate fix to the problem. As it also stops you from being able to play with friends, many players are wondering how to work around the issue. There are two ways you can bypass the problem, which we'll cover below. 

Join Friends Externally

For those of you who are playing the game on or Steam, you can invite people to join you through the friends list. This bypasses the social features of COD, allowing you to join each other despite the social not working bug occurring. 

Create A Channel

  • Select the headset icon at the top right of the game screen in the menus.
  • Click "Create your own channel." 
  • Give the channel a name and press save before inviting friends. 

Both of these methods should allow you to still join up with friends even if the social features are not working. 

That's all for our primer for how to fix the social not working Warzone 2 error, and now know some ways to work around it and still play with your buddies. 

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