Cheap Skin And Sticker Combos To Spruce Up Any Inventory

Cheap Skin And Sticker Combos To Spruce Up Any Inventory

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Owen Turner


8th Nov 2020 19:30

Skins have made a huge impact on the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) community. For some, they’re merely enjoyable purchases, whereas others only partake in the game for them. Either way, these various camos can cost a pretty penny. The market is often manipulated, so it’s important to only purchase skins that are reasonably priced. While a lot of the better-looking skins are expensive, that doesn’t mean sticker combos can’t help with this common issue. From snipers to pistols, CS:GO offers a whole load of decoration options. Cases can be risky due to their odds, meaning investing in skins is all around a much better option.   


One of the most used weapons in the game is the AWP. The powerful sniper offers some appealing and affordable skins. One of the best ways to figure out what sticker to buy is through matching patterns. For example, a factory-new PAW goes really well with the Lucky Cat sticker - both designs have cats with orange and white tones meaning they play well off each other. Other sticker choices include T on Cat and Cat Call - both of these feline illustrations can make any PAW skin look much better than it already is. Lastly is the Bomb Doge sticker, which would work really well when placed on the scope.

It’s always important to use your best skins on the most popular weapon choices. That’s why the AK-47 should always look good in something. The FN Orbit Mk01 is one of the cheapest skin options that actually has some colour to it. The red and black base looks really cool with a few Guardian Dragon foils. This sticker is perfect since its main colour is red and features two AK-47 illustrations. The foil on the sticker provides extra shine and makes up for missing features on the Orbit Mk01 - three of these stickers should do the trick. Another reasonable choice would be some Chaos Marine foils.

Now for some CT sided weaponry. The M4A4 Battlestar offers a slick gold finish and has a cheap FN price. With its rustic yet lavish plating, a couple of sticker combos would be perfect for this skin. Two Health Gold stickers from the Half-Life capsule would look awesome. Not only does it’s foil match the M4A4, but the series of pixelated hearts adds a new design. To go along with the weapon’s Egyptian theme, a line of Sphinx non-holos would blend in really well, adding to the theme that the Battlestar offers. Essentially any gold-based stickers would do this budget skin some justice. 

While the M4A4 is a great weapon, some people opt for the M4A1-S, a suppressed weapon that is weakened in damage but offers an accurate shooting experience - making headshots easier than ever. The Decimator is one of the cheapest M4A1-S skins, but looks the best. Unlike other budget skins, the Decimator has lots of colour to it, mostly shades of blue, pink, and purple. That’s why three Unicorn holos or even regulars would pair well with this skin. Just to have another option, the Countdown foil would work well in a comedic sense. The sticker design involves a CT attempting to defuse a bomb - perfect for any CT sided weapon.

Skin And Sticker Combos CS:GO
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Since most players often use their start pistols for eco decisions, it’s important to have ones that look appealing. The T sided default is the Glock-18 which offers the Water Elemental - a red backdrop pistol with a stream of water illustrated on its side. An ideal sticker for this pistol is the Water Gun for obvious reasons. The sticker’s anime-styled design is a perfect craft for the Water Elemental. Sticking with the summer-themed weapon, a pair of Surf’s Up stickers is another good choice. Not only does it have a water design but the sticker also features a T sided player on a surfboard. This is perfect since the Glock-18 is only used by T users.

Last but not least is a combo for the USP-S. The Glock’s CT sided equivalent has a few skins to choose from in the cheaper range. An FN bright red Check Engine skin works well with a lot of stickers. A row of Longevity foils really helps open up the skin's overall appearance. To make things creepy, add on a few Devouring Flame holos - the design features a Molotov being thrown which goes well with all red based skins. To keep things classy, apply some Certified Fragger stickers to add a boost of confidence when attempting to hit those one taps.

When it comes to buying skins, all that matters if you like them, the price and rarity is just a group of symbols for added pressure at the checkout. Sometimes the only thing that makes a skin rare is how the market reacts to it. Stickers are underrated and can always help with a skin’s design. Get a few cheap skins and test out what works for you.

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