The Sims 4 Project Rene: Sims 5 Announcement

The Sims 4 Project Rene: Sims 5 Announcement
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Kiera Mills


19th Oct 2022 14:21

The Sims 4 summit livestream hosted several announcements including a new game in the works for the upcoming years. Sims 4 fans are quick to speculate that this may be the elusive Sims 5 title we've been waiting for. With community managers quick to assure us this game is planned to be in the works for several years, read on for all the details we know so far about 'Project Rene' and the future Sims 4 updates showcased at the summit.

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The Sims 4 Project Rene: Everything We Know So Far

Project Rene is the name of the mystery game Sims developer Maxis is currently working on. Early development footage was showcased during The Sims summit livestream, with gameplay showing a future build-and-buy system with fully adjustable and inter-changing furniture pieces and custom colour and pattern swatches.

With such an early window into the upcoming game, everything we've seen is subject to change, including the current UI. What is interesting is the emphasis on the game being spread across platforms, including mobile with an emphasis on cooperative play across devices.

The Sims 4 Infants: Sims 4 Babies Update

The Sims 4 Babies Update
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For most in The Sims community, the most exciting feature of The Sims Summit was the brief glimpse of an infant DLC. The Sims Summit showed new interactions and a possible new life stage from baby to toddler which fans are excited for. Until now, babies have very limited interactions. Your sim can feed them, change them, and pick them up briefly but most simmers agree that ageing up a baby early is a relief. From the brief gameplay, we saw an infant sneezing and crawling, with another sim reaching to pick them up.

With this teaser footage, we can expect more gameplay and interactions with infant sims, and perhaps new items to go along with this too.


The Sims 4 Overwolf

The Sims 4 mods
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The Sims team were keen to celebrate the Sims modding community with the announcement of a new platform where modders will be able to share their creations with fans safely. The platform will be in partnership with Overwolf and will give modders an official space to share safe mods. This is exciting news for fans of Sims custom content and mods, who until now, had to risk save files and potential corruption to games to download anything.

During the Sims Summit, VP of Franchise Creative Lyndsay Pearson said that we can expect further announcements regarding the Overwolf collaboration this holiday season in 2022. We can also expect the platform to release in collaboration with several popular modders who will be working to craft new content in time for its launch.

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