Scarf Length: How Long Is Scarf?

Scarf Length: How Long Is Scarf?
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Mike Mills


18th Dec 2021 21:57

How long is Scarf? this 3D platforming game from HandyGames sees Hyke teams up with his shape-shifting, dragon scarf to solve puzzles and explore new worlds. Taking inspiration from the likes Journey and Rime, Scarf presents a minimalist adventure game where the player explores beautiful worlds with their scarf companion. Not sure how long Scarf is? Here's everything you need to know about the Scarf length.

Scarf Length: How Long Is Scarf?

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Depending on how much you explore, a single playthrough of Scarf should take about four to five hours to complete. We took our time to explore every inch of Scarf in search of collectibles and secrets and ended up around that playtime. Scarf features three different worlds, each with a different theme and each one full of puzzles and a number of hidden collectibles.

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Our initial playthrough took us just under 5 hours but a speedy player not looking for collectibles could probably complete Scarf in under 4 hours. The game is fairly linear and while it's quite a short game, Scarf offers a number of lovingly crafted worlds, beautifully presented and packed with platforming and puzzles. 

What will extend the playtime of Scarf is the game’s multiple endings. To achieve both Scarf endings you will need to play through the whole game twice. Achieving both endings and finding all the game’s collectables should reasonably double the playtime, giving you a sold 10 hours of gameplay, especially since you need to find all of the Scarf Inks to do so.


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