"Run ’em down!" What champion says this?

"Run ’em down!" What champion says this?
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Jake Bannister


9th Jun 2024 10:59

Thousands of people solve the five game modes of LoLdle daily, with the quote game mode being one of the tougher ones to solve. 

Hints to help solve today's quote

In case you don't want to see the answer right away, here are some helpful hints to see if you can get the answer yourself.

  • They use mana.
  • You often see them in the support.
  • They were released in 2020
  • Their nickname is "The Iron Maiden".

Answer for today's quote

LAST WARNING: This is your last warning, if you want to view the hints and try to solve the answer yourself, scroll to the top and click the 'hints' within the contents. Otherwise, scroll on and the answer will be revealed.

The champion that this quote refers to is the lady of clockwork, Rell.

There you have it, the answer to today's Loldle quote. If you want help with any other champion-guessing games, we have all the Loldle answers for you in a daily guide that we update.


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