Rocket League Golden Gifts 2021: Frosty Fest Rewards

Rocket League Golden Gifts 2021: Frosty Fest Rewards

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Jack Marsh


17th Dec 2021 14:44

Frosty Fest is back in Rocket League to celebrate the advent season, and with it comes a Santa's sack full of Christmas-themed rewards and customisation features, with the best hidden in the Rocket League Golden Gifts 2021. With a total of ten challenges in the Frosty Fest campaign, here's everything you need to know, including what's inside the Rocket League Golden Gifts 2021.

Just as seen in previous years, the Rocket League Golden Gifts 2021 are a secret pot-luck reward that is unlocked by playing a certain number of games throughout the festive season. Much like the Lucky Eggs, you won't see the Rocket League Golden Gifts 2021 rewards until you spin the wheel for the first time, which takes up to 20 games to do unlock.

Rocket League Frosty Fest Rewards 2021

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This year in the Frosty Fest Challenges the rewards range from decals, to title, borders, wheels, and toppers, with the bottom two rewards being repeatable and offering XP and the Golden Gifts. 

Frosty Fest 2021 Rewards:

  • Breakout: Reindeer Game (Decal)
  • Flannel (Paint Finish)
  • Cold Shoulders (Player Banner)
  • Octane: Naughty List (Decal)
  • Abominable Throwman (Title)
  • Drummer Hat: Red (Topper)
  • Drummer Hat: Titanium White (Topper)
  • Dominus: Nutcracker (Decal)
  • Iced Out (Avatar Border)
  • Ring-a-Ling (Wheels)
  • Golden Gift - Repeatable x5
  • 20,000 XP - Repeatable 

Rocket League Golden Gift Rewards 2021

The best rewards from the Frosty Fest limited-time event reside in the Rocket League Golden Gifts 2021, where some more festive fun can be unwrapped alongside Black Market items that can only be crafted with blueprints outside of the offer.

Possible Rocket League Golden Gifts Rewards 2021

With a chance to get Rare, Very Rare, Import, Exotic, and Black Market drops, here's an insight into what you can earn from the Rocket League Golden Gifts 2021.

Three blueprint packs will be on offer in the Golden Gifts 2021 rewards, dating back to items available in 2018. The Zephyr, Elevation, and Vindicator bundles will all be available. 

Golden Gifts 2021 Black Market Rewards:

  • Shattered (Goal Explosion)
  • Neuro Agitator (Goal Explosion)
  • Singularity (Goal Explosion)
  • Solar Flare (Goal Explosion)
  • Toon (Goal Explosion)
  • Glorifier (Animated Decal)
  • Intrudium (Animated Decal)
  • Mainframe (Animated Decal)
  • Fire God (Animated Decal)
  • Wet Paint (Animated Decal)

More Exotic rewards will be available, including a range of wheels and boosts, although you might still get lumbered with those disappointing Rare Decals to trade in.

The Rocket League Golden Gifts 2021 will be available until January 3, and can be unlocked by playing 20 games. With a cap of five rewards available, 100 games over Christmas sounds feasible, especially to escape the cousins on Boxing day.


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