What Is The Rocket League FeteLix Flick And Why Are RLCS Pros Loving It?

What Is The Rocket League FeteLix Flick And Why Are RLCS Pros Loving It?
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Jack Marsh


25th Jan 2022 16:54

The evolution of Rocket League is forever changing, with ground-breaking mechanics, evolutionary play styles, and cheeky explosive metas mixing up the way that the game is played at the highest level. Now, just as we thought the mechanical roof was bricked up, the Rocket League FeteLix Flick has arrived and smashed through the glass ceiling. But, what is the Rocket League FeteLix Flick, and why is it about to change the game forever? 

What Is The Rocket League FeteLix Flick?

Masters of the game will be familiar with a trick known as the "Flip Reset", which ultimately allows you to stall your car's engine in mid-air by landing on the ceiling or by touching the ball with the axis of your chosen Octane (or any car body for that matter), subsequently earning yourself an additional flip to direct the ball goal-bound.

Well, the Rocket League FeteLix Flick is a Flip Reset on steroids. Using a mix of the most complicated techniques known in Rocket League, such as Wall-dashing, Flip Resetting, and Musty Flicking, one player has created the FeteLix Flick that gives you an unlimited airborne time to perform your flip.

Usually, when a player jumps into the air, either from the ground, walls, or ceiling, the car will only have 1.5 seconds of airborne time to flip towards the ball. However, with the Rocket League FeteLix Flick, you could be in the air forever - granted you have the boost to stay up - before making your flick. This jaw-dropping mechanic will change the freestyling and showboating game forever and will be one of the most effective moves in the RLCS, due to the unknown nature of the final move.

How To Perform The Rocket League FeteLix Flick

The Rocket League FeteLix Flick is a complicated move, to say the least. However, a breakdown of the gravity-defying element can be found below:

  • Step 1: Drive up all the wall with the ball, as if to perform an air-dribble. Standard air-dribble rules apply, meaning try and hit the ball goal-bound without hitting the ceiling until you become more comfortable.
  • Step 2: Jump off the wall with your car nose towards the ceiling.
  • Step 3: Use the wall-dash element of pushing your front wheels back towards the wall until they hit the wall and rebound back towards your car. Performed quickly enough, this will stall your car engine and leave it boost-reliant (although it already is during mid-flight). 
  • Step 4: regain control of your car through air-rolls and boost management to direct your car back towards the ball.
  • Step 5: Enjoy the freedom of flipping your car whenever you like. Rocket League FeteLix Flick completed.
  • NOTES: With the original stall taking longer than a normal reset off the ball, this may be best mixed with a Musty Flick to regain height on the ball when shooting or passing.

Why Do The RLCS Pros Love The Rocket League FeteLix Flick?

RLCS pros will love the Rocket League FeteLix Flick as it allows players much more freedom to 'juke' an opposition. Having the freedom to delay the movement makes the elite skill much more unpredictable, and the top professionals have already begun to hone down on the movement - such as Season 5 World Champion Kyle "Torment" Storer.

Many more freestyle-eque professionals are entering the RLCS from 1v1 backgrounds, like Spacestation Gaming's 15-year-old prodigy Daniel "Daniel" Piecenski, who will undoubtedly continue to push the mechanical boundaries with the Rocket League FeteLix Flick.

Recommended by those in Champion rank or higher, will you be using the Rocket League FeteLix Flick? Or will you be admiring the skills in the next RLCS broadcast?


Jack is an Esports Journalist at GGRecon. Graduating from the University of Chester, with a BA Honours degree in Journalism, Jack is an avid esports enthusiast and specialises in Rocket League, Call of Duty, VALORANT, and trending gaming news.

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