How To Turn Off Narrator In Rainbow Six Extraction

How To Turn Off Narrator In Rainbow Six Extraction
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25th Jan 2022 16:53

If you are wondering how to turn off the narrator in Rainbow Six Extraction, you wouldn't be the only one. Ubisoft has implemented excellent text-to-speech features for players that are hard of hearing in many of its games, and Rainbow Six Extraction is just the latest to be included. However, if you have the feature turned on but don't actually need it, it can become a little frustrating. That's why we've cooked up this guide on how to turn off the narrator in Rainbow Six Extraction. 

How To Turn Off Narrator In Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction turn off voice menu.
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When launching the game for the first time you will be given the opportunity to turn off the narrator in Rainbow Six Extraction. However, many players are breezing through the process and leaving the voice on. This will then mean that any option that you land on the game will read it out. 

To solve your Rainbow Six Extraction turn off voice issue, you need to get through the main title screen and into the menu. From here you want to select the pause button on PlayStation and Xbox to open up the options. You can simply click the cog in the top right corner of the screen on PC. 

From there select Accessibility, and you will be dumped in the 'Choose Your Language' menu. There are only three options within this setting, two of which are changing the subtitle and spoken language. However, at the top of the options there is Menu Narration (English). The On option will be highlighted in the signature Extraction yellow. Move it over to the Off and select it. And as simple as that, you have managed to turn off the narrator in Rainbow Six Extraction. Of course, if you are looking to turn on the narration and missed it when first booting up the process, you can repeat this process and just select On. 

Now you know how to turn off the voice in Rainbow Six Extraction. Be sure to jump read up on our Rainbow Six Extraction tips guide before getting further into the game. 


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