R6 Fix Incentive Program: Get Free Cosmetics For Reporting Bugs in Siege

R6 Fix Incentive Program: Get Free Cosmetics For Reporting Bugs in Siege
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16th Mar 2022 09:11

Rainbow Six Siege's R6 Fix Incentive Program is an innovative way to quash the tactical shooter's bugs while offering players cosmetic rewards for their help. Introduced as part of Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 1, this Fix Incentive Program tasks players with reporting bugs, legitimate reports that warrant further investigation earn players rewards in the shape of Alpha Packs. For more info on the R6 Fix Incentive Program, check out our guide below.

R6 Fix Incentive Program: How It Works

The R6 Fix Incentive Program is simple in nature but there are a few requirements that mean simply reporting a bug doesn't guarantee you a reward and, in fact, you will be waiting a full season to gain any rewards you have earned from successful bug finds.

R6 Siege fix Incentive Program how it works
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Follow these steps for the best chance of picking up some Alpha Packs.

  1. Find a bug! (Probably the hardest part to be honest... or maybe not)
  2. Report the bug on R6FIX (You will need to login)
  3. The bug will need to reach "Under Investigation" for it to be eligible for a reward
  4. Depending on the severity of the bug you will be rewarded Alpha Packs when the Test Server goes live for the next season's update.
  5. You can only receive one reward per season, determined by the highest severity issue out of all your reports.


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R6 Fix Incentive Program: Rewards

As mentioned before, players will earn one reward based on the severity of the most egregious bug they have reported.

The developer's rate from Cosmetic to Critical, players will be rewarded with Alpha Packs with up to 12 going to Critical bugs. Here are all the rewards possible through the R6 Fix Incentive Program.

Siege report bug rewards alpha packs
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  • Cosmetic: 3 Alpha Packs (1 Rare, 1 Epic, 1 Legendary)
  • Playable: 6 Alpha Packs (2 Rare, 2 Epic, 2 Legendary)
  • Hardly Playable: 9 Alpha Packs (3 Rare, 3 Epic, 3 Legendary)
  • Critical: 12 Alpha Packs (4 Rare, 4 Epic, 4 Legendary)

Remember, you will only get your rewards when the Test Server opens for the next major seasonal update and not before.

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