PUBG Update 17.1 Patch Notes: What's In The Latest PUBG Update?

PUBG Update 17.1 Patch Notes: What's In The Latest PUBG Update?
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7th Apr 2022 12:50

You may want to know about the PUBG update 17.1 patch notes, as the latest update for the battle royale is making a few big changes. PUBG has been a massive game since its launch back in 2017, and it recently went free-to-play in early 2022, inviting a whole host of new players to join the battle. So, if you're looking for the PUBG update 17.1 patch notes, read on so you can see the latest changes to the game. 

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PUBG Update 17.1 Patch Notes: When Is It Coming? 

PUBG Update 17.1 Patch Notes
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PUBG update 17.1 is set to see a slightly staggered release. PC players will get it on April 13, while console players will have to wait a week, when it will drop for PlayStation and Xbox on April 21. The PC update has no specific time for a release yet, but it will be a live server update, meaning the servers will be down for a time. For consoles the servers are set to see downtime between 10pm-5am GMT (9pm-4am PDT/6am-1pm CEST/1pm-8pm KST). 

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PUBG Update 17.1 Patch Notes: Changes

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There are a few major changes coming in this update, with the biggest perhaps being the return and rework of Sanhok, which has been reverted to its original form. The docks, ruins, and quarry locations are set to come back, and the jungle theme will be reinstated. The loot truck, decoy grenade, and jammer pack are also being removed as part of these changes. 


Update 17.1 will also see a new season of the ranked mode as Season 16 ends. All rewards players have earned from the previous season will be added to their inventories once the season begins, but once it ends, these rewards will be removed, except for the parachute skin.

For players looking for new weapons, you're in luck as this update will also add the ACE32, which is a brand-new 7.62mm assault rifle. It's supposed to address the differences between the 7.62mm and 5.56mm and will have relatively low recoil. It will be available on all the game's maps. The last big change comes to the tactical gear, as the tactical pack will no longer be able to store items like the drone, EMT gear, and spotter scope. 

You can see the rest of the changes in the full patch notes here, but that's all for our breakdown of the PUBG update 17.1 patch notes, and now you know about the new map change, ranked season, weapon, and more.

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