PUBG Player Count In 2023

PUBG Player Count In 2023
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Coleman Hamstead


13th Jan 2023 15:05

So, what's the PUBG player count in 2023? PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS put the Battle Royale genre on the map back in 2017, so naturally, many are interested in how it's holding up in 2023. For the curious, below are some data-backed statistics regarding the PUBG player count in 2023.

PUBG Player Count In 2023: Monthly Player Count

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Breaking it down by monthly player count, so far in 2023, PUBG is averaging nearly 284M monthly active players.

PUBG Player Count In 2023: Daily Player Count

According to data collected by Active Player, PUBG in 2023 garners about 23.6M average daily players.

PUBG Player Count In 2023: Player Count By Country

Data gathered by PlayerCounter claims that PUBG is the most popular in the United States. The rest of the top five consists of India, Brazil, Turkey, and Russia — in that order.

PUBG Player Count In 2023: Twitch Viewers

Looking at data from TwitchTracker, PUBG enters 2023 averaging just over 10K average concurrent viewers, ranking the title #33 on Twitch.

PUBG Player Count In 2023: IS PUBG Dying?

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As you can tell from the numbers above, PUBG is far from dead. While the popularity of the Battle Royale has certainly dwindled from its peak back in late 2017/early 2018, PUBG is still one of the most-played games on the market.

Comparing the PUBG player count in 2023 to the number of players actively playing over the past few years, the health of PUBG has been steady. PUBG averages more monthly users now than it did throughout all of 2020. And since the start of 2021, PUBG has maintained a baseline of roughly 280M to 320M active monthly players.

Despite coming up on its sixth anniversary, PUBG is still going strong.

What Is There To Look Forward To In PUBG In 2023?

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Part of why PUBG is getting off to an impressive 2023 can be attributed to the PUBG 21.2 update and the detailed PUBG Esports 2023 Roadmap. PUBG Corporation is kicking into high gear to start 2023 with loads of content for casual and competitive players alike.

PUBG still receives developer support, so there's no reason that the PUBG player count can't grow, or at least remain steadfast, as we delve into 2023.

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