When Will There Be A Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Patch?

When Will There Be A Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Patch?
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25th Nov 2022 11:01

All corners of the gaming space of social media seem to be aware of Scarlet and Violet's incredibly vast amount of performance issues. With numerous frame rate drops and seemingly infinite glitches, many players are hoping for a new patch that might at least start to fix the issues. It is just a question of "when?". Let's get into when there will be a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet patch.

When Will There Be a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Patch?

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Unfortunately, there has been no new patch for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet since its Day One patch. This release day update wasn't to resolve performance issues though, but instead implemented its online features - including four-player co-op, Tera Raid battles, and the Battle Stadium. 

However, when looking at the timeline of updates for other recent Pokemon games, we might have an idea of when Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be patched. Pokemon Legends Arceus, released on 28 January, 2022, released its Version 1.1.1 patch which fixed various bugs on 18 March, 2022 - just less than two months later. 

Pokemon Sword & Shield, released on 15 November 2019, had its first bug-fixing update - Version 1.1 - also almost two months later on 9 January 2020. This was followed by another patch that fixed more bugs every two-to-three months until 12 May 2021.

It seems a timeline of six-to-seven weeks is most likely when Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be patched since that has been the amount of time needed in the past to fix the latest Pokemon games' most urgent bugs. However, since Scarlet and Violet have far more performance issues and glitches than their predecessors, the time for a patch could be longer. Nevertheless, a Scarlet and Violet patch could happen as soon as mid-January 2023 if Game Freak follows its past timelines.

That is everything you need to know with our guide answering the question "when will there be a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet patch?". Whilst you're still learning the ropes of the game, check out how Paradox Pokemon work. For even more Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guides, you can be sure to find them right here at GGRecon. 

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