Pokemon Legends Arceus Uxie Trial: Lake Acuity Riddle Solution

Pokemon Legends Arceus Uxie Trial: Lake Acuity Riddle Solution
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2nd Feb 2022 13:07

The Pokemon Legends Arceus Uxie trial comes fairly late on in the story, after you've quelled the first five Noble Pokemon. Discovering Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf in their three respective lakes in Pokemon Legends Arceus is part of the main game, and each of them has a vastly different trial for you to face. Uxie's is a trivia question, and it's one that you'll almost certainly need to look up the answer for. Here's the Pokemon Legends Arceus Uxie trial answer for the riddle in Lake Acuity.

Of course, there will be some minor spoilers for a late-game quest here, so proceed with caution if you haven't reached the Uxie Trial yet.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Uxie Trial: Lake Acuity Cave

Pokemon Legends Arceus Uxie Trial riddle
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The Trial of Lake Acuity is a quest the game sends you on after you've been banished from Jubilife Village, thanks to Commander Kamado not trusting your sudden appearance from the rift in the sky. You have to visit all three lakes and encounter the Lake Trio Pokemon - Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf - but it's Uxie that has the most confusing riddle to solve.

When you enter the cave, you'll first have to deal with Hisuian Zoroark though, which isn't an easy fight. Zoroark is only weak to Dark-type moves, so make sure you prioritise those unless you can significantly out-level it. Once defeated however, Uxie will show up and pose a question to you.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Uxie Trial: Riddle And Answer

The question is as follows:

Combee. Zubat. Unown. Magneton. Dusclops. How many are their eyes? Tell me each, one by one yet all at once. Answer me.

Long-time Pokemon veterans will be able to suss this one out after some careful thinking, but it's the format of the answer and remembering how many eyes a Combee has that is the confusing part. You need to answer how many eyes each Pokemon has individually, then enter them as a string of numbers.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Uxie Trial riddle answer
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The answer is 60131. Believe it or not, a Combee has six eyes, while Zubat doesn't have any. Unown and Dusclops are both one-eyed Pokemon, while a Magneton has three one-eyed Magnemites combined. Don't add them all together and try entering 11, because the game won't let you.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Uxie Trial reward
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Once you enter in the answer, Uxie will be mightily impressed and reward you with the next item you need for the quest: Uxie's Claw. From here, you can clear the rest of the Lake Trio and continue with the main story.

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