Pokemon Legends Arceus Magnemite: Where To Find Magnemite

Pokemon Legends Arceus Magnemite: Where To Find Magnemite

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Dave McAdam


8th Feb 2022 17:16

Pokemon Legends Arceus Magnemite is one of the rarest Pokemon in the game. Pokemon Legends Arceus features several new ways of finding and catching Pokemon. Magnemite doesn't appear in any normal area of the game, so some extra work has to be done to find one.

So, if you are looking for this rare 'mon, here is everything you need to know about finding and catching Pokemon Legends Arceus Magnemite!

Pokemon Legends Arceus Magnemite: Where To Find

Pokemon Legends Arceus Magenmite: finding a space-time distortion in cobalt coastlands
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Finding Magnemite in Pokemon Legends Arceus is trickier than most Pokemon. The place you want to be is the Cobalt Coastlands, but beyond that, there's not much I can tell you. Magnemite doesn't appear in a specific location, it only appears during a Space-Time Distortion. To learn more on those, check out Pokemon Legends Arceus Space-Time Distortions Explained.

To catch Magnemite, you're going to have to wait around the Cobalt Coastlands for a Space-Time Distortion to begin. Once one does, get over there as quickly as you can and be ready. Space-Time Distortions tend to get hectic, so keep your head on a swivel to find a Magnemite.


Pokemon Legends Arceus Magnemite: How To Catch

Pokemon Legends Arceus Magnemite: Battling Magnemite
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Catching Magnemite can be finicky. Within a Space-Time Distortion, Pokemon will pop up left and right, easily getting in the way while you're trying to catch the one Magnemite you want. Basically, you need to be ready for a fight.

Bring enough battle-ready Pokemon to take on a few stragglers while you wear down Magnemite to catch it. Be sure not to hit Magnemite with any fighting, ground, or fire moves in case you knock it out. Hit it with a Great Ball when it is weak and you should have yourself a Magnemite!

That is what you need to know to find and catch a Magnemite in Pokemon Legends Arceus. We have plenty of guides on how to find elusive Pokemon, such as our Pokemon Legends Arceus Unown locations guide.


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