Pokemon GO Tapu Bulu: Counters, Weaknesses, And Movesets

Pokemon GO Tapu Bulu: Counters, Weaknesses, And Movesets
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14th Apr 2022 14:24

The best Pokemon GO Tapu Bulu counters are finally here, as the third island deity of Alola has arrived following the debuts of Tapu Koko and Tapu Lele. This Grass/Fairy-type is the guardian of Ula'ula Island and will actually be a pretty decent Grass attacker in Pokemon GOsomething we don't always see with legendaries. To help you defeat it and give it the best possible moves, we've put together this guide on the best Pokemon GO Tapu Bulu counters, weaknesses, movesets, and more.

Pokemon GO Tapu Bulu: Weaknesses

pokemon go tapu bulu weaknesses
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As a Grass/Fairy-type, Tapu Bulu has a handful of weaknesses but will be extra vulnerable to Poison-type attacks. Because of this, Poison-type attackers will be your best bet in defeating it, though there are plenty of Ice, Steel, Flying, and Fire-types that will make quick work of the Gen VII Legendary, too. 

Unfortunately, to balance out its many weaknesses, Tapu Bulu also has quite a few resistances that you should avoid trying to use against it. Tapu Bulu resists Fighting, Ground, Dark, Grass, Water, and Electric, and is extra resistant to Dragon.

Pokemon GO Tapu Bulu: Counters

best counters for tapu bulu in pokemon go roserade gengar
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When going up against Tapu Bulu, Poison-types will absolutely dominate, so opt for them as much as possible. However, Tapu Bulu's other weaknesses are home to some powerful Pokemon, too. 

  • Mega Beedrill (Poison Jab | Sludge Bomb)
  • Mega Gengar or regular Gengar (Shadow Claw/Hex | Sludge Bomb)
  • Roserade (Poison Jab | Sludge Bomb)
  • Victreebel (Acid | Sludge Bomb)
  • Vileplume (Acid | Sludge Bomb)
  • Scolipede (Poison Jab | Sludge Bomb)
  • Toxicroak (Poison Jab | Sludge Bomb)
  • Kantonian Muk or Alolan Muk (Poison Jab | Gunk Shot)
  • Salazzle (Poison Jab | Sludge Wave)
  • Reshiram (Fire Fang | Overheat)
  • Moltres (Fire Spin/Wing Attack | Overheat Sky Attack)
  • Metagross (Bullet Punch | Meteor Mash)
  • Excadrill (Metal Claw | Iron Head)


Pokemon GO Tapu Bulu: Movesets

pokemon go tapu bulu pvp pve best movesets bullet seed grass knot
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Tapu Bulu is not going to top any charts when it comes to being an attacker, but it's a competent enough Grass-type attacker to consider using in some contexts. 

In PvE, Tapu Bulu's best moveset is typically Bullet Seed and Grass Knot. It has access to Dazzling Gleam as a Fairy-type charged move, but no access to a Fairy fast move, meaning it'll serve better with Grass moves. Solar Beam is also okay, but Grass Knot is much better. 

In PvP, Tapu Bulu's best moveset is generally the same (Bullet Seed and Grass Knot). However, If you want to use it in Trainer battles, it could be fun to run with Dazzling Gleam in some situations. It's an average choice for PvP, but its type combination gives it resistance to quite a few types, which is worth consideration.


Tapu Bulu's fellow deities also have optimal movesets that are better than others. Check out our Pokemon GO Tapu Lele and Pokemon GO Tapu Koko guides for full information.


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