Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours [July 2022]: All Featured Pokemon And Bonuses

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours [July 2022]: All Featured Pokemon And Bonuses
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3rd May 2022 19:37

The Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours for July 2022 shine amidst all the big events, as they're some of the most dependable and useful events for dedicated players. Spotlight Hours in Pokemon GO take place every Tuesday from 6pm to 7pm local time. They'll feature a particular Pokemon, which will spawn in significant numbers, and a small bonus. Here are all the Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours being featured in July, along with the bonuses for the events. 

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours are a good way to find some Pokemon you might not typically see, including potentially the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours [July 5]: Ledyba

pokemon go ledyba spotlight hour
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July's first Spotlight Hour features Ledyba, a Bug/Flying-type from Johto. During the Spotlight Hour, you'll earn double XP when catching Pokemon. 

Ledyba evolves only once, into Ledian, who is also a Bug/Flying-type, for 25 candies. Ledyba's shiny is available in Pokemon GO! 

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours [July 12]: Machop

pokemon go machop spotlight hour
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Originally from Kanto, Machop is the focus of the second Spotlight Hour in July. During this event, you'll receive double candy when catching Pokemon. 

Machop's shiny is available in Pokemon GO. You can evolve it into Machoke for 25 candies, then into Machamp, one of the best Pokemon in the game, for 100 candies. You can also evolve Machoke for free if it's traded from a friend. All three are Fighting-types. 


Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours [July 19]: Staryu

pokemon go staryu spotlight hour
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Also from Kanto is Staryu, focus of the third Spotlight Hour in July. Staryu is a pure Water-type that evolves into Starmie, a Water/Psychic-type, for 50 candies. 

This Spotlight Hour features a double transfer candy bonus. Additionally, you may find a shiny Staryu if you're lucky. 

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours [July 26]: Meditite

pokemon go spotlight hour meditite
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The final Spotlight Hour in July features Meditite, a Fighting/Psychic-type from the Hoenn region. It can evolve into Medicham, also a Fighting/Psychic-type, by using 50 candies. Both are available shiny, and Medicham should eventually receive a Mega Evolution! 

This Spotlight Hour bonus is double XP for evolving Pokemon. You can rack up quite a bit if you hang onto those Ledyba from earlier in the month, as they have a very cheap evolution cost, and then mass evolve them during Meditite Spotlight Hour.  

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