Pokemon GO Raid Hours [July 2022]: All Legendary Pokemon In Raids

Pokemon GO Raid Hours [July 2022]: All Legendary Pokemon In Raids
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3rd May 2022 19:38

The Pokemon GO Raid Hours for July 2022 are finally here, with another slew of Legendary Pokemon to defeat. On Wednesday every week, there will be an increased number of Tier 5 Raids in Pokemon GO, taking place between 6pm and 7pm local time. Here are all the Pokemon GO Raid Hours in July 2022.

Make Raids a little easier by brushing up on the Pokemon GO type chart.  

Pokemon GO Raid Hours [July 6]: Articuno

articuno raid hour pokemon go
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Articuno will headline a Raid Hour in the first week of July. This Legendary, originally from Kanto, is an Ice/Flying-type that is available shiny in Pokemon GO.   

Articuno's typing makes it weak to Fire, Electric, and Steel, and extra weak to Rock. Some of the best counters will be Pokemon of these types — especially Rock. 

Pokemon GO Raid Hours [July 13]: Zapdos

zapdos raid hour pokemon go
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Joining Articuno as one of the three Legendary Birds of Kanto is Zapdos, an Electric/Flying-type. Like Articuno, Zapdos is also available shiny. 

Zapdos is weak to Rock and Ice, meaning Pokemon like Tyranitar, Rampardos, and Mamoswine will be among the best counters. 


Pokemon GO Raid Hours [July 20]: Moltres

moltres raid hour pokemon go
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The final Legendary Bird of Kanto is Moltres, a Fire/Flying-type. Like its brethren, Moltres can be shiny in Pokemon GO. 

Moltres has two standard weaknesses, Water and Electric, and one increased weakness: Rock. There are plenty of strong Water-type and Electric-type Pokemon, but the increased weakness to Rock makes Rock-types the best Moltres counter. 

Pokemon GO Raid Hours [July 27]: Dialga

dialga raid hour pokemon go
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The final Raid Hour in July will shift away from the Kanto Legendaries and head to the Sinnoh region. Dialga, the lord of time, will headline July's final Raid Hour event. 

This Dragon/Steel-type is considered one of the best attackers in the game, and it's available shiny, which means it's definitely worth your Raid Passes. 

Dialga is weak only to Fighting and Ground and has a whopping 10 resistances, including two increased resistances.  

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