Pokemon GO Ultra League Best Team Recommendations For PvP

Pokemon GO Ultra League Best Team Recommendations For PvP
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27th Apr 2022 15:37

When battling in the Pokemon GO Ultra League, do you ever wonder why you tend to see the same Pokemon time and time again? This is because certain Pokemon GO critters are much better in the format than others.

Due to a combination of move availability, stats, typing, and more, some Pokemon rise above the ranks to dominate the meta, so many players tend to use them. 

Never fear, because we've got a list of some of the absolute best Pokemon to bring into the GO Battle League, as well as their weaknesses, so you can take them down when you see them. 

  • One of the best Pokemon for the Ultra League that didn't make the cut for this list is Defense Form Deoxys. Check out our guide to Pokemon GO Deoxys Defense Form for more info.

Pokemon GO: Best Pokemon Ultra League: Cresselia

pokemon go ultra league cresselia
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Type: Psychic

Moveset: Psycho Cut/Confusion | Future Sight/Moonblast/Grass Knot (Elite TM)

Weaknesses: Dark, Bug, Ghost 

Pokemon GO: Best Pokemon Ultra League: Meganium (XL Candy Needed)

pokemon go ultra league meganium
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Type: Grass

Moveset: Vine Whip | Frenzy Plant (Elite TM)/Earthquake

Weaknesses: Fire, Flying, Bug, Ice, Poison 

Pokemon GO: Best Pokemon Ultra League: Galarian Stunfisk

pokemon go ultra league galarian stunfisk
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Type: Ground/Steel

Moveset: Mud Shot | Rock Slide/Earthquake

Weaknesses: Fighting, Fire, Water, Ground 

Pokemon GO: Best Pokemon Ultra League: Swampert

pokemon go ultra league swampert
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Type: Water/Ground

Moveset: Mud Shot | Hydro Cannon (Elite TM)/Earthquake/Sludge Wave

Weaknesses: Grass (x2) 

  • Learning how to battle against other Trainers is also great practice for taking down Team GO Rocket. Check out our guides on beating the team leaders: Sierra | Cliff | Arlo | Giovanni

Pokemon GO: Best Pokemon Ultra League: Walrein

pokemon go ultra league walrein
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Type: Water/Ice

Moveset: Powder Snow (Elite TM)/Waterfall | Icicle Spear (Elite TM)/Earthquake

Weaknesses: Electric, Fighting, Rock, Grass 

Pokemon GO: Best Pokemon Ultra League: Abomasnow

abomasnow pokemon go ultra league
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Type: Grass/Ice

Moveset: Powder Snow/Razor Leaf | Weather Ball (Ice)/Energy Ball

Weaknesses: Fire (x2), Bug, Fighting, Flying, Poison, Rock, Steel 

Pokemon GO: Best Pokemon Ultra League: Altered Giratina

pokemon go ultra league giratina altered form
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Type: Ghost/Dragon

Moveset: Shadow Claw/Dragon Breath | Dragon Claw/Shadow Sneak

Weaknesses: Ghost, Dragon, Ice, Dark, Fairy 

Pokemon GO: Best Pokemon Ultra League: Trevenant (XL Candy Maybe Needed)

pokemon go ultra league trevenant
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Type: Grass/Ghost

Moveset: Shadow Claw | Seed Bomb/Shadow Ball

Weaknesses: Ice, Dark, Fire, Ghost, Flying 

Pokemon GO: Best Pokemon Ultra League: Registeel

pokemon go ultra league registeel
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Type: Steel

Moveset: Lock-On | Focus Blast/Flash Cannon/Zap Cannon (Elite TM)

Weaknesses: Fighting, Fire, Ground 


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