Pokemon BDSP Heatran: How To Find And Beat Heatran

Pokemon BDSP Heatran: How To Find And Beat Heatran
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1st Dec 2021 17:04

Pokemon BDSP Heatran is a tough Pokemon to get your hands on, but you'll certainly be glad you did. The legendary Pokemon is one of the very few Fire-Steel beasties that the franchise has to offer, and while they might not look like much, they can dish out some serious firepower (if you'll pardon the pun). But, how exactly can you catch Heatran in Pokemon BDSP? Here's what you need to know about beating and catching a Pokemon BDSP Heatran.

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Pokemon BDSP Heatran: Where To Find Heatran Location

Pokemon BDSP Heatran Guide - How To Catch & Weaknesses
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If you want a Heatran, you're going to have to bump into one first - and you can find it after you've finished the Stark Mountain quest.

Head back to the Survival Area and talk to the old man who lives in the house next to the Pokemon Center. Once you've done that, Heatran will spawn in Stark Mountain in the same room where you find the Magma Stone. Head back up there and save your game before the encounter - Heatran should be there waiting for you.

Pokemon BDSP Heatran: Weaknesses

Heatran, as a Fire-Steel type is vulnerable to Ground, Water and Fighting attacks. This is worth keeping in mind not just for ways to whittle their health down quicker, but also so you don't accidentally wipe the Pokemon out with a single move. You want to capture Heatran, remember?

You might want to use Dusk balls for the capture too, as the battle will take place in a cave.

You're also going to want to be careful in the battle, as its Flame Body hidden ability means that physical attacks may burn your Pokemon. Aim to mostly use special attacks, and you shouldn't have any trouble earning that Heatran for your team.

That's all you should need to tackle Heatran - now get up that mountain and make them yours. Once you've caught Heatran, why not try winning the Super Contest Show with our Pokemon BDSP Poffins guide?


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