Pokemon BDSP Defog: How To Clear Fog With TM97

Pokemon BDSP Defog: How To Clear Fog With TM97
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15th Dec 2021 15:50

Pokemon BDSP Defog is a little different to how you might remember in the original Diamond & Pearl games, but its function is still mostly the same. Defog can be incredibly useful in the right areas, and it can even be incredibly handy in battles too, giving you the chance to land more attacks on your foe. But where can you find Defog, and how do you use it? Here's our handy guide to Pokemon BDSP's TM97.

Pokemon BDSP Defog Location

Pokemon BDSP Defog: How To Clear Fog With TM97
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If you want to find the TM, you're going to want to head to The Great Marsh, just off of Pastoria City. Head into the Safari, and inside just to your right will be a girl with green hair.

She'll give you TM97 if you speak to her, and then you'll have the ability to defog any area you like. The Safari Zone is skippable if you wish though, which is why some players accidentally miss picking it up.

Pokemon BDSP Defog Explained

Pokemon BDSP Defog: How To Clear Fog With TM97
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As is the case with every in-world Pokemon move in these game remakes, you won't have to teach the moves to your Pokemon in order to put them to use.

You can use Defog (once you've earned the Fen badge, of course) by pressing the R button when you've got your Poketch, and you'll be able to select it from the menu there if you walk into a foggy area you want to clear out. It's an incredibly easy move to put to use, and even if your area is slightly foggy, the move will give you a clear line of sight again.

Alternatively, if you want to use the move in a battle, it counts as a Flying-type move that decreases your foe's evasiveness, even if they're a substitute or are mid-way through using Fly or Dig.

That's everything you need to know about the move Defog - now you should have everything you need to clear the path in front of you. Looking for legendaries? Check out our guides to finding and catching Pokemon BDSP Heatran and Pokemon BDSP Giratina.


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