PlayStation Plus March Games - Are They Any Good?

PlayStation Plus March Games - Are They Any Good?

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Rijit Banerjee


1st Mar 2021 17:00

Sony's PlayStation has been the go-to console choice for many gamers, and services like the PlayStation Plus make it even better. The PlayStation Plus premium service allows players to get free multiplayer access for many games and get monthly free games that can be stored permanently in the PS library. Typically, the monthly doses of free games offered by the company are excellent, and they encourage players to explore a wide variety of games without investing too much in them.

Last month, gamers had the opportunity of grabbing Destruction AllStars (PS5), Control: Ultimate Edition (PS4/PS5), and Concrete Genie (PS4) to add to their collection. Except for other games present, last month's Destruction AllStars (PS5) will carry over to this month and give players a new enriched experience.  March has brought another bunch of new exciting games which are definitely not to be missed. This month, PlayStation players will get their hands on the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Maquette, Remnant: From the Ashes, and Farpoint.



Final Fantasy VII Remake is arguably one of the biggest titles in March's line-up of video games, and it earns itself that spot. It is an action role-playing game made by Square Enix. The players control mercenary Cloud Strife in the metropolis of Midgar. The game has one of the best action-based mechanics and provides a thrilling ride for RPG lovers. The story has an excellent drama fused with great voice-acting, and the graphics look out of this world. The remake has refined the graphics of the game, and it looks aesthetic. The textures and lighting make it a joyful experience to enjoy the game to its fullest.

The Final Fantasy franchise has seen many ups and downs, but this game was a fan-favourite for sure. Therefore, if you're aware of this great franchise and never got to play, then time is in your favour right now. It is worth noting that the game will not be upgradeable for free to PS5.


Maquette is a first-person puzzle-based game, and it might leave you light-headed. The game produces a fantastic world where players discover little clues and understand the environment by experimenting. The game presents unique obstacles which make players think out of the box and utilise the small world to make significant changes. While settling into this game could a little tricky for many players, once you're in, there is a whole ocean of opportunities and puzzles to solve and the opportunity to get sharper with every mystery solved.

While the game challenges the players to rediscover what they know in the real world, there is also a side love story of two people, which provides an interesting side story and fills the puzzle's narrative void. If you are a puzzle lover and love these kinds of games, Maquette should be a delightful experience.



Remnant: From the Ashes is a survival action-shooter game, and it is an excellent title for Dark Souls lovers. The game has a very dark theme attached to it, with subsequent boss battles to accompany the fluent combat style. The players will have to find their way across multiple realms fighting multiple horrid creatures along the way.

The game should look similar to many present-day survival-based games, but it takes a sharp turn when the levels are randomised and reset to offer a great replay value for the player even after finishing the game. The looting and inventory system is also pleasing to manage and very satisfying to collect various items in the game. Moreover, the combat style and overall environment make it a great game to play. 



There is a VR game coming into the fray, and it is a decent addition, to say the least. Farpoint has one of the best shooter-based mechanics in VR, and it feels very natural to use and reload weapons in the game. While there are a ton of weapons to choose from, players won't have to worry about enemies coming from their behind as the enemies only come at you from the front. The game's story is rather disappointing, and cliché compared to other sci-fi narratives, but the great gun mechanics make it a rather pleasant experience. 


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