Patch 7.23e Update

Patch 7.23e Update

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14th Dec 2019 16:51

Valve announced DOTA’s patch 7.23e and it comes to address a lot of what the community has been up in arms about. With the DOTA 2 subreddit showing incredibly polarised views on what this patch has done for the state of DOTA itself, and whether patch 7.23 has been good for the game or not, Valve have stepped forward and released the fifth version of the patch.

The full gameplay update can be found here, but there’s three major changes:

  • Outpost XP now every 10 minutes instead of 5. The amount of experience being given by the outpost has been buffed slightly

  • The two eastern shrines (away from Roshan) have been removed. First shrine is now ‘unlocked’ at 7 minutes, with the interval being changed from 5 minutes to 4

  • All XP related talents removed

A lot of this looks like it’s in response to the accusations being bandied about concerning the overwhelming rewards that brawling was giving within the game. Many people - perhaps rightfully - believed that fights every five minutes due to the additional objectives were becoming too telegraphed and straightforward, with the reason to innovate being taken away from players. While this may not have been entirely accurate - there was definitely a grain of truth in the telegraphed brawling nature of the game, and this is Valve’s attempt at addressing it.

The removal of experience talents as well as a huge amount of sustain in the form of shrines does make it less rewarding to brawl too - with no small effect coming in on the mobility of either team around TP areas. The fact that early shrines don’t activate at five minutes also might have a substantial effect on early-game rotations which seemed to hinge heavily on the combined night-time, and shrine presence, around the map.

While the meta hasn’t developed yet (it’s been less than an hour since the patch came out!), we could expect to see much more emphasis being put on trying to defend the bottom side of  the map for each team as towers will be the only TP-spot for a long time.

Ultimately we’ll have to wait to see how these changes are perceived, but they’re a step in the right direction to us

Image credit: Valve