Overwatch Christmas Event 2021: Start Date, Time, Winter Wonderland, And More

Overwatch Christmas Event 2021: Start Date, Time, Winter Wonderland, And More
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3rd Dec 2021 12:57

The Overwatch Christmas Event 2021 is right around the corner, which is great because for the longest time, seasonal events have been the bread and butter of content injections into the hero shooter. This upcoming Winter Wonderland in Overwatch is bound to bring more fun and festivities like previous years, but when is the start date and time?

Alongside various Christmas or Winter-themed skins (some of which are usually unlocked through in-game challenges), could we see Blizzard bring back alternate game modes like the Snowball Deathmatch, Survive the Yet Hunt, and more? Here's everything we know so far about the Overwatch Christmas Event 2021.

Overwatch Christmas Event 2021: Start Date And Time

Overwatch Christmas Event 2021
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While there is no official announcement on it yet, we are very close to the usual date when we find out each year. Generally at the beginning of December, we get word of the event date that usually starts either in the second or third week of December. After that, you have all of the Winter holidays to finish up your challenges and acquire the skins before the event ends in early January. That means you have at least three weeks to get all the goodies and try all the game modes.

Overwatch Christmas Event 2021: Modes And Playlists

Overwatch Christmas Event 2021 start date
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Let’s call a spade a spade and state the obvious: Overwatch hasn’t exactly been brimming with new and shiny content for a while now and whether or not we should expect a new game mode for the Overwatch Christmas Event 2021 is hard to judge.

With the development of Overwatch 2 likely being a top priority, it stands to reason that we only get to play game modes that were introduced in the past. However, perhaps we can count on the many excellent Workshop creators to bring the Christmas spirit? We’ll see.

Even if we aren’t getting a new game mode, we’d at least likely be able to revisit the old ones. Here’s an elevator explanation of each one if you’ve missed them in the past.

Yeti Hunter: Winston (now dressed as a Yeti) is let loose on five poor little Meis who are required to coordinate and take down the monster before it can dispose of them. As the game is underway, the Yeti can pick up meat that’s spread all around Nepal in order to charge his ultimate. The game mode might remind some players of Overwatch’s take on Evolve.

Mei’s Snowball Offensive: In a 6v6 deathmatch of sorts, two teams of Meis have to fight the opponent only using their primary fire which shoots out a single snowball and can only be reloaded by picking up snow from piles around Ecopoint: Antarctica.

Snowball Deathmatch: Much like Mei’s Snowball Offensive, you are to fight against your opponent with snowballs. However, the crucial difference is that everyone will be fighting against each other, turning it into a hilariously chaotic brawl of one-shots. 

Overwatch Christmas Event 2021: Skins

Overwatch Christmas Event 2021 skins
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Currently, there are 40 different Winter Wonderland skins in Overwatch, following a more relatively regular pattern. Throughout the first five times this event took place, each one introduced about five unique legendary skins through special loot boxes which may only be acquired while the event is active. 

On top of that, 13 Epic skins were up for grabs in the past, some of them through weekly challenges during the event which usually were achieved through winning varying amounts of games in three different tiers. Additionally, sprays or icons can also be unlocked by accomplishing those challenges and usually require fewer games while the big price of the Epic skin sits at the highest tier of requirements.

And that’s all that we currently know about the Overwatch Christmas Event 2021. Make sure to stay up to date on the announcements. Nobody wants to miss Christmas, right?


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