Overwatch: Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge

Overwatch: Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge
Blizzard Entertainment

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Katie Memmott


22nd Jun 2021 15:45

Overwatch are treating fans to a brand-new limited-time event – Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge.

The damage Hero Ashe has been a fan-favourite since her release in 2018, and now she’s about to get another limited-time event in Overwatch. Ashe was the star of the Mardi Gras Challenge back in February 2020, and now she’s about to head up a brand-new challenge for OW players.

ashe's deadlock challenge skin
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First revealed on June 20 via a teaser trailer posted on Overwatch’s Twitter account, fans were introduced to the brand-new event hosted by the gunslinger herself.

Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge start date

Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge begins on June 22, and runs for just under two weeks, ending on July 5. Make sure you log in and complete missions before the end date to earn exclusive event items!

Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge skin

As with all Overwatch limited-time events, there are new skins and cosmetic items up for grabs. The silhouette of the new Legendary skin can be seen in the teaser trailer. This was rumoured to be an Ashe version of McCree's Deadlock skin, given the name of the event, and their membership to the Deadlock Gang. McCree's skin portrays him in his younger days.

Many fans were speculating that Ashe's new skin would directly correlate with Overwatch’s new book - Deadlock Rebels. The new book explores the adventures of a young Ashe and McCree, and many thought the new skin would be "young Ashe", as portrayed on the cover, sporting a red leather jacket. 

As it turns out, the Legendary skin is indeed the Deadlock Ashe Skin, with a sharp new look for B.O.B too. Check it out below.

ashe deadlock skin
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In-game missions are the way to unlock these rewards over the course of the two-week-long event.

Players can unlock the new Ashe Legendary skin by earning 27 points as they play games of quick play, arcade, or competitive. Each game played counts as one point, but winning any game counts as two, meaning you'd only need to win about 14 games to secure the skin. 

There are also rewards for earning fewer points.

9 points - Player Icon

18 points - Spray

There are also extra Sprays to collect by watching Overwatch streams via Twitch. At two, four, and six hours of viewing time, additional Sprays will be unlocked. This can be done by linking your Battle.net and Twitch accounts.

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