Outriders - How To Get Legendary Weapons

Outriders - How To Get Legendary Weapons

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7th Jun 2021 15:59

The third-person shooter meets adventure RPG Outriders released on April 1 and welcomed players to explore the future-Earth setting of Enoch and all it has to offer. 

The hardware at your disposal in Outriders range from traditional to space-age, and the arsenal contains many different levels of rarity - the best of those being Legendary weapons.

Legendary weapons in Outriders are powerful and come with unique abilities, which can be deconstructed and used to craft mods for other weapons.

Finding Legendary guns in Outriders can be difficult, but we're here to help.

Where to find Legendary Weapons in Outriders

The only way to get Legendary weapons in Outriders is to loot them, either in chests/boxes or from spoils dropped by bodies.

As in most RPG games, the bigger and badder your opponent, the better booty they drop upon their demise. Mini-bosses such as Captains can drop the highest tier of loot, so complete every side quest possible to make sure you're taking down these opponents and maximising your chances of finding Legendary weapons.

Outriders Legendary Weapons
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Outriders Legendary Weapons List

Legendary weapons in Outriders are powerful. There are reportedly 20 Legendary weapons to find in the game, via the methods mentioned above, which all include special abilities that bolster its strength.


THUNDERBIRD (Assault Rifle)

Ultimate Storm Whip – Shots bring down a bolt of lightning on an attacker.

Striga – A percentage of critical damage is restored to you as health.


Ultimate Damage Link – Shots link enemies, sharing a percentage of their damage dealt and a percentage of their Anomaly damage.

Vulnerability Bullets – Shots strike Vulnerable on enemies.


Weakness Trap – Shots cause explosions, dealing damage and inflicting Weakness on enemies within a range of the target.

Burning Bullets – Shots deliver Burn on enemies.

AERIE MASTER (Pump-action Shotgun)

Weightlessness – Shots inflict Time Rift on enemies. Time Rift raises the enemy into the air.

Critical Point – Increases the chance of making a critical shot.


GOLEM’S LIMB (Pump-action Shotgun)

Golem Rising – Killing shots grants you a shielding Golem effect.

Vampire – Killing shots award Skill Leech boost.

Outriders Legendary Weapons GUIDE
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THE ICEBERG (Bolt Action Rifle)

Winter Blast – Critical shots create an icy blast that inflicts Freeze on enemies within a certain range.

Icebreaker – Killing shots against frozen enemies make them explode.



Singularity – Killing shots create an Anomaly singularity. When destroyed, the singularity explodes, dealing damage to enemies.

Improved Stiffening – Shots inflict Slow on enemies.


Ultimate Bleeding Bullets – Shots inflict Bleed on enemies.

Bomb’s Ahead – Killing shots turn enemies into an Anomaly bomb, dealing damage.


AMBER VAULT (Double Gun)

Killing Spree – Killing shots increase damage by a certain percent for a set time. Bonus deteriorates with time and stacks up to five kills.

Brain-eater – Critical shots do not use ammo.



Judgment Enforcer – Shots mark enemies. When reloading, deal a multiplier of your weapon’s damage to every marked enemy. Marks are removed when you change your weapon.

Clip Combustion – Reloading weapon creates a shockwave, dealing damage to enemies within a certain range.


Ultimate Vulnerability Bullets – Shots inflict Vulnerable on enemies.

Brain-Eater – Critical shots do not use ammo.


THE GUILLOTINE (Pump-action Shotgun)

Radiation Splash – Reloading causes an explosion that inflicts Vulnerable and deals damage to enemies within a five-metre area.

Minefield – Killing shots produce explosives around your target, each deals damage in a five-metre space.


INFERNO SEED (Assault Rifle)

Wrath of Moloch – Critical hits cause an explosion, dealing damage and inflicting Burn on enemies within a five-metre radius. Cooldown of three seconds

Brain-Eater – Critical shots do not spend ammo.


Kinetic Stomp – Shots create a seismic shock around you, dealing damage in a five-metre radius. Cooldown of three seconds.

Bleeding Bullets – Shots inflict Bleed on enemies. Cooldown of eight seconds.



Burst of Decay – Critical shots cause explosions that inflict Toxic on enemies within a five-metre radius.

Resistance Breaker – Shots decrease your target’s Resistance by 35% for six seconds.



Claymore Torrent – Shots damage four enemies within a three-metre range with Anomaly blades, dealing damage.

Anomaly Enhancements – Receive a passive Firepower boost equal to 30% of your Anomaly Power.

LUCKY JINX (Double Gun)

Ultimate Toxic Bullets – Shots inflict Toxic on enemies.

Perpetuum Mobile – You instantly refill your magazine if you kill an enemy with 30% or less ammo remaining in your clip. Cooldown of zero seconds.



Ravenous Locust – Shots create a swarm of locusts, dealing damage over 15 seconds and inflicting Weakness to enemies remaining within a six-metre radius of the target. Cooldown of two seconds.

Brain-Eater – Critical shots do not spend ammo.


TIME RIPPER (Assault Rifle)

Ultimate Stiffening – Shots inflict Slow on enemies.

Gravedigger’s Frenzy – Critical shots increase your Critical Damage by 50% for five seconds.

MASTER TOOL (Assault Rifle)

Dome of Protection – Killing shots summon a bullet-stopping dome for five seconds. Cooldown of five seconds.

Perpetuum Mobile – You instantly refill your magazine if you kill an enemy with 30% of less ammo remaining in your clip. Cooldown of zero seconds.


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